How & Why You Should Purchase Car Insurance For Mexico

If you’re planning a car trip to Mexico, getting adequate car insurance for Mexico needs to be one of your top priorities. It’s not a nice thought to consider the possibility of having a motor vehicle accident in Mexico, however it will probably be much less fun if you are actually involved in a car accident and you don’t have a proper Mexican car insurance policy to back you up.

A lot of people believe that all Mexican car insurance is actually exactly the same, and rarely look around for top product. Actually, many people buy their Mexican insurance policy at the border just moments just before they cross into Mexico. When bought last second at the border, many people do not even realize what’s included in the insurance policy they’re buying. They generally don’t know anything regarding their insurance policy unless they end up getting a car accident. After the car accident, many people all of a sudden realize exactly how limited some Mexican insurance policies are.

I’d like to illustrate to you how with less than a few minutes of shopping around for Mexican car insurance, you will save lots of money and spare yourself many headaches in the event that you actually need to make an insurance claim while traveling in Mexico.

Plan in advance and purchase your Mexican car insurance online – purchase & print before leaving for your vacation

There are a variety of Mexican car insurance websites. Purchasing your Mexican insurance policy online usually allows you to receive an immediate quote, and also be made aware of the exact type of insurance coverage you’re buying. When you pick the Mexican insurance product which is most suited for your needs, after that you can buy & print your Mexican auto insurance policy straight off the website. The procedure usually takes a few minutes, and it is much like purchasing an air travel ticket or getting a hotel booking online.

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Will the Mexican insurance provider allow you to repair your motor vehicle in the United States or Canada?

A lot of people don’t realize that some Mexican insurance providers basically require in the event of a vehicle accident that your car or truck be repaired in Mexico! So even though you simply have cosmetic damage to your car or truck and the vehicle might be drivable, you’ll still be asked to leave your vehicle in Mexico to get fixed. If you don’t live in Mexico, you might prefer to drive your car back to your US residence and have it fixed locally.  Be sure to get a Mexican auto insurance policy that permits you to repair your car or truck in the country of your choosing.

If you’re allowed to fix the vehicle in the United States, what labor fee will the Mexican auto insurance policy allow you to spend?

United States hourly labor rates are much greater than most per hour labor rates in Mexico, so it’s quite normal for many Mexican insurance providers to simply pay for the Mexican hourly labor rate (as little as $25 every hour) for repair work that is actually completed in the United States . If this sounds like an issue, there’s a lot of websites that offer many insurance policies that pay regardless of the labor rate difference and allow for approximately $70 for every hour.

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