I Lost the Keys to the Rental Car

If we start from the point where it is already desperate to lose the keys to your own car, imagine losing the keys to the rental car, making more urgent the need to look for in a comprehensive manner. Normally, in these cases additional costs are added to supplement the loss. When you are fully confident that the car keys are lost you should call the company or your local agent for what you give instructions to replace the keys.

Contact the company

The company should contact the toll-free roadside assistance in case you have lost the keys to the rental car, but the phone number is in the contract and many drivers leave their contracts in the car, so you probably cannot review it. If you cannot access your contract, contact the local office of the company, an agent can communicate with the roadside assistance number and, incidentally will advise on specific aspects such as the cost of replacement keys and a crane if necessary. If you require immediate transport, ask your agent about renting a secondary vehicle, including the associated costs and the time it take to give you the car.

Stay in the car until the representative arrives roadside assistance. This representative may also request proof of identification and a copy of your contract or hire identification number.

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Ask for an estimate

Unfortunately, you’ll pay for a new key, plus the optional insurance coverage purchased through the company does not cover the cost of losing the keys. Depending on the type of key, replacement rates can range from $ 20 to $ 350. We also can charge for roadside assistance concepts or tow the vehicle back to the company store.

Ask your agent or representative roadside assistance on a cost estimate, as well as how the company wants you to pay. Some branches added the rate on your credit card or you can provide a new credit card.

Calls Spare Keys

In case you still needed to use the car for the rest of your trip, you can order a spare key. The agent of the company you can provide an extra set of keys which you can store in a safe and accessible. Do not forget to give spare keys when you return the vehicle could be fined or other charge for lost keys.

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