Is The Volkswagen XL1 The Car Of The Future?

You can’t drive one outside of Germany or Austria currently, but the Volkswagen XL1 has plenty of buzz nonetheless. The XL1 made its big debut recently at the Geneva Motor Show. The car is being positioned as the car of the future.

Fuel Economy

It must be said that the car isn’t a workhorse. That’s not the point of it. If you want something that’s going to have you screaming down the highway at speeds more suitable for the Autobahn, then you’ll have to look elsewhere. What drivers will certainly like, however, is how little energy is required to power the car. Widespread availability is still a long way off, but if the Volkswagen XL1 ever does reach American shores, it could revolutionize the way people think about fuel economy. Currently, 40mpg is considered the upper range when it comes to efficiency.

The XL1, according to the few journalists that have been allowed to test it out, gets about 120mpg when pushed hard. That is three times what most high efficiency American cars are getting right now. Even better, if driven a bit more conservatively, the Volkswagen XL1 could get upwards of 180mpg. That kind of fuel economy, until now, has been absolutely unheard of. It only takes about 8.4hp to maintain a speed of 62mph, which is within the range of speed limits on most U.S. highways.


The car is very small. It’s 45 inches high and 65 inches wide. It narrows towards the back and conceals the tires for a unique look. It weighs less than 1800 pounds. This gives the car its ability to use practically no fuel in comparison to what’s currently on the market. It maintains the Volkswagen parts that the company is known for, while getting rid of all the frills that would increase the car’s size and require it to use more gas.

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The most interesting aesthetic point of the XL1, other than the concealed back tires, is the fact that there are no rearview mirrors. Instead, there are door-mounted cameras which display what they see on small screens near the dash. It is this detail that makes the car illegal to sell outside of Germany and Austria, where there are currently exceptions being made for the vehicle. It’s expected these regulations will be rolled back eventually, but until then drivers worldwide will have to just be patient. But when the Volkswagen XL1 does become available for mass sale, it could revolutionize the automobile industry. It combines efficiency like we’ve never seen, with the quality Volkswagen parts that drivers have always associated with the brand.

The Volkswagen XL1 could be the most efficent car that no one has heard of. It’s features are all consumer friendly and will make a wave in the automobile industry whenever it is released to the masses.

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