ISUZU Trucks FX Series

Isuzu has launched the FX-Series, back in 2010 which is an aggressive and powerful vehicle that complements Isuzu’s series of trucks.

Distributor and sales manager of Isuzu Trucks from Sydney mentioned that, Isuzu prefers to keep its series of trucks simple. Isuzu Trucks Sydney describes the Isuzu FX-Series as the ‘Big sibling’ of the F-Series. The FX-Series is quite comparable to the F-Series in terms of style, making it easy for the two trucks to share various components and allow interchangeability of cabs.

The FX series is among the best truck of the ISUZU trucks due to the following reasons:
Although the FX-Series cab is comparable to to that of the F-Series in terms of look, it has had some adjustments. It has been forwarded and raised so as to have room for its much larger and powerful engine giving it a much more aggressive look than its smaller brother. Its chrome grille also gives it that ‘bling-bling’ appearance.

The FX-Series has adopted lots of features from regular on passenger vehicles, such as radio, air-conditioning, driver airbags and even electric powered doors and windows. Isuzu trucks have incorporated these features on its trucks because it wants to ensure the comfort of the driver which in turn generally boosts the safety of the vehicle.

The FX series is made up of exclusively manual transmission trucks which complement Isuzu’s range of trucks. This gives it a competitive edge in the under-R one million category. The FX-Series fits in terms of size between the Isuzu Gigamax (a very heavy commercial vehicle) and the F-Series (the little brother). The FX runs under a powerful Isuzu turbo-intercooled common-rail engine with 1 422 Nauticalmiles at 1 400 revolutions per minute and 265 kW or 360 hose power at 2 000 revolutions per minute.
Some of these vehicles also have Euro 3 engines which is part of the companies’ environmental care package. This packageregulates exhaust emissions of nitrous through regulation of ignition temperatures. Isuzu Trucks are ahead of global specifications when it comes to engine compliance. The company is also set to make further progress when the Eco-friendly oil is made available.

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Having handled well the issue of environment and economy, the company shifted its focus to the vehicle safety aspect, which a very crucial aspect of its (SEE) philosophy. The FX-Series is fitted with various safety devices such as a full-air breaking system (ABS), which is supported by a typical engine exhaust fitted on each and every FX model. Moreover, an electromagnetic retarder is fitted on its GXR 40-360 model.

The freight carrier truck models have an advantage of having an improved front axle capacity, which the operators can fully utilize. Isuzu trucks have matched axle-capacity to tire load-ability of 315/80R22.5
It is a fact that the Isuzu FX-Series not only completes the Isuzu model lineup, but is also one of the best Isuzu trucks. With introduction FX series, the company is able to offer trucks for almost any kind of application with corresponding power for every environment. There are numerous areas and applications not only in Australia but also globally that require trucks with extra GVM, torque and GCM which the FX-Series models can offer.

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