New Year’s Resolutions: What Car Salesmen Say

January means a lot of different things, but for most people, it means making some achievable New Year’s resolutions. People who sell cars are no different! We’ve compiled some of the most common goals that car salesmen have identified as their aims for the year.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction

It might seem as though one of the major goals of a car dealership is to sell cars, which of course it is. But probably just as important as selling cars is making sure all the customers who come and have a test drive, take out a new lease or trade in a car are given the highest possible level of service. Word of mouth recommendations are so important for any company, and it’s particularly important for car sales as people can be loyal to a brand for a long time. Dealers want to keep their existing customers happy, and also prove to others that they offer the best service in order to lure them away from any other dealers or makes of car.

Stay Positive

The sales industry is notoriously challenging, and particularly in the current economic climate making the most of every sale is critical for a lot of businesses. It’s so important to keep a positive outlook, which will not only will an impact for the better on colleagues but it will go a long way in dealing with customers.

Set Goals Each Month

Most sales-focused occupations set goals it would be hard to operate without them, and of course car dealers aren’t any different. Consider, though, setting some different goals for yourself as well. Maybe you’d want to try and sell a variety of cars instead of thinking more about the value. Setting unique goals like this to helps to you to do your best on a daily basis and it makes your job a bit more fun!

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Provide More Resources

There are so many things to consider when looking for a new vehicle. Warranties and mileage are just among the few aspects of car buying that shoppers will have to contend with. Not everyone has lots of experience in car parts and mechanics, so providing resources for your prospective buyers can be a simple thing that has a massive difference. You can use your resources to explain the ins and outs of something like GAP insurance, which is the difference paid out between the insurance and the value of the car in the case of a total write-off, as it can be misunderstood. Letting your customers take these resources away with them can help them to make a decisions and they’ll think of you in a positive light and be thankful for the help.

Give Back

Giving back to your community can be so important. The impact you can have as an individual and as a dealership has the potential to be huge, and you’ll not only feel better contributing something important to a worthy cause, but it will raise your profile in your community.

If you’ve made any resolutions, good luck achieving them!

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