Nissan Maxima Supercharged Vs. Nissan Maxima Turbocharged

Want to boost up the power of your car without replacing the engine or performing major upgrades? You can surely opt for having superchargers for your vehicles. Just like the turbochargers, superchargers help to force some extra air into your car engine and thus causing it to generate more power with less fuel. Nissan has provided superchargers on several SUVs and trucks.

Nissan made a bold claim when it started advertising its Maxima flagship sedan as a 4-door sports car. Nevertheless Nissan conveyed the message when the producer installed the VG30E engine in the top 300ZX and ensured the fact that none would forget it in the legendary VQ-series V6 in the year 1995. The stout engine was a small wonder for many people and so they have opted for superchargers and turbochargers for their Nissan Maxima.

Nissan has launched the completely redesigned Pathfinder in 2013 and so now you can avail the fuel-sipping hybrid version. The 2014 Pathfinder Hybrid has almost all the features found in the standard crossover. However it offers better fuel economy and a superior cruising range. The new hybrid has 2.5 litre supercharged engines along with lithium ion battery and 15 kilowatt electric motor. It has the capacity of producing 250 horsepower as well as 243 pound feet torque.

Before purchasing your Nissan supercharger or turbocharger, let’s check out the differences between Nissan Maxima Supercharged and Maxima Turbocharged based on the foundation, horsepower, linearity, function and applications:


VG as well as the VQ series used in Maximas is built essentially on the same foundations like their twin-turbocharged 300ZX cousins. 300ZXs made use of upgraded engine internals and improved system of cooling for handling the boost. The system was designed to be used with forced induction.


Turbocharger makes the same pressure boost as the supercharger but it produces more power. If you are using superchargers, they can draw over 80 horsepower at high RPMs. While making a comparison between the two dyno sheets, the Turbo Maxima dyno sheet makes 367 Horsepower whereas that of the Supercharged Maxima makes 423 Horsepower. You will be interested to note that despite the 50+ horsepower advantage of the supercharger, it generates the same quantity torque as that of the turbo unit. It strongly indicates the wasted horsepower used for running the supercharger.

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You will also notice a great disparity in the curves with the reference of the same dyno sheet. The curve of the turbo starts out very low and it rises to about 4000 RPM quickly. In contrast the power of the supercharged rises in an approximate straight line to its peak starting from the idle. It is a typical comparison between a turbo and supercharger. If you use the turbocharger it will provide you a huge power swelling at high RPMs. However the supercharger will make your engine act as if it is bigger than reality across the RPM range.


If you are using Turbo, you will surely get more tuning options and power. Nevertheless Turbo charger can cause problems for your front-wheel cars like Maxima. Whether a Turbo is in on or off mode, it is extremely difficult to find out the balance between turbo-lag and wheel spin. This becomes a serious issue for your front-wheel cars. It’s true that the supercharger may not use its potential efficiently as the turbo. However the linear nature of Supercharger makes it forgiving to launch from a standstill.


Your Turbo charger will provide you better gas mileage and the capacity to increase boost while using race gas. It is because of the fact that turbo charger never draws power from the crankshaft. Your superchargers are cheap and easy to install. The superchargers make your car easier to drive at the limit. However superchargers are not very friendly for your daily driving Maxima like that of a turbo. If you are driving Maxima daily and you face the high-speed road occasionally, then you can smartly choose Turbo. In contrast if you are an enthusiastic drag racer and do not mind a significant drop in gas mileage, then supercharger will perfectly match up to your requirement.

Therefore based on these differences it is easier for you to choose Nissan Maxima Supercharged or Nissan Maxima Turbocharged as per your specific need. If you have any problem with your Nissan car, consult a reputed performance shop in your locality. Take your car to a best Nissanauto repair shop and boost up your car efficiency in a competent way.

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