Not Your Average Motorcycle Concepts

When you think of a motorcycle, a chopper or a sports bike most likely comes to mind. But, surely you never envisioned a bike with all of the appeal and aesthetics of a classic car. As impossible or outlandish as it may sound, these kinds of bikes do exist. The concept bikes created by Moscow designer Mikhail Smolyanov are unlike anything you have ever seen or even dreamed of. Imagine a bike with motorcycle fenders that look like something that should be found on the back of a classic Roadster.  Old racing cars, classic cars, typically inspire Smolyanov’ designs and some are even steam punk, according to Bike Exif.

Is That a Bicycle Built for Two or a Motorcycle?

Over at Auto Evolution they are just floored by the designs put out by Smolyanov’ Solifague Designs, and for good reason. They featured one concept that can be described simply as a steam engine motorcycle. It is wheel-to-wheel full-on stem punk style with a major twist it actually looks nothing like a motorcycle. Rather, the bike looks like a giant tricycle, with three wheels similar to bicycle wheels, pedals, and a steam engine behind the seat. Auto Evolution reported that the bike was actually commissioned to be built by a man in Sankt Petersburg.

It’ a Bird, It’ a Plane – It’ a Classic-Car-Cycle?                                

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Auto Evolution also recently profiled another concept bike that was revealed that was inspired by a 1934 Aerodyne. The bike features a leaf suspension solo seat, full-wrap fenders in the vein of the classic car it is based off of, and has flowing, rounded shapes. You would never think by looking at the Aerodyne-inspired bike that it was created just in 2012 as it looks like it arrived from the past. The Aerodyne is not the only bike created with classic cars in mind – the Electric Volga v 1.1 prototype is another example. This prototype was reportedly built for the Electric Cars Custom company. It features similar large rounded motorcycle fenders like the Aerodyne-inspired bike, but the rear of this bike looks exactly like a classic car.

Where Can I Get One?

Typically, bikes such as this need to be commissioned and will cost a pretty penny. For now, many of these bikes will simply be an object for show at various motorcycle showcases across the world, as well as to showoff to friends and your next door neighbor. Auto Evolution boasts that it would be incredible for a manufacturer to being making Solifague Designs bikes.

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