Porsche Servicing Facts

Regular serving and maintenance is the key to best performance of any of the Porsche cars.  The brand is known for its high-speed engines with splendid design and is one of the most sought after in the sports car segment. The company has one of the best after sales service records.  All cars go through stringent quality checks before rolling out off the factory.  It comes with a warranty and the company-authorized dealer provides service.  As an owner of this luxury brand, ensure to maintain the service schedule for the best performance of the automobile.   The recommended regular checks would include oil change, brakes maintenance, wheel alignment and tyre condition. There are fixed rates with good package deals to get your car serviced.

In the case of pre-owned cars or out of warranty cars, there is always the choice of going to other company trained technicians to get the regular checks done.  There are a number of private service stations offering excellent Porsche servicing St Louis, almost on par with the dealer service stations.  There is the advantage of competitive pricing to choose from.  They are very transparent about their rates and everything is made clear to the client before any major job is undertaken.  They even offer annual checks on the car.  They put you on a mailing list and keep track of your servicing schedule, send your reminders and even arrange for standby cars for you to use when your own goes in for service.

It is better to book an appointment with the service station in advance and speak to the technician to know what your requirements are and also ensure that you stay informed about any repairs that would be needed on your car.   They offer multi point inspection and computer diagnostic services for best results.  They live up to the Porsche brand by offering the best of the best services.  There are also preventive maintenance checks available in order to avoid emergency breakdowns.  These cars are not that fussy when it comes to servicing.  The company recommended timeline for servicing for the newer models is every 20,000 miles or 2 years whichever is earlier.  In between these services, it is recommended to go in for annual checks to maintain optimum performance of your car.

Porsche offers the best servicing experience for its customers.  They offer complimentary collection and drop off of your car.  Their service stations are equipped for you to spend the couple of hours that you need to wait till your car gets serviced.  Even some of the non-dealer service stations that offers servicing of the Porsche offer similar services.  They offer individualized service to their customers and believe in ultimate customer satisfaction.

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In case of any need for major repairs or replacements also, the company offers used and reworked parts to select from, making it more eco friendly and economical option.   But be sure to go only for original spares and parts with the company approval in order to maintain the high performance of the automobile.

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