Prefer A Chauffeur? You’re Not Alone

A large percentage of travelers say that the ultimate luxury is being picked up at one’s front door and driven to a destination in an elegant limousine. Limo service has always been available to the rich, but in recent years, the trend of limo sharing has made it possible for people to split the cost of a comfortable, luxurious ride and arrive in style.

Weddings, business trips, girls’ night out, or even a trip into the city for dinner and a play are all events that a limo ride makes better and more fun. Whether it’s the two of you or 40 of your best friends, there’s a limo that will be suited for your travel needs.

Lincoln Town Cars or Sedan Limousines
Small and sleek, they can sneak around a busy city like a snake and get you to the office, business meeting or airport on time–most of the time. The Lincoln Town Car is the most popular limo sedan used in the U.S. because it’s large enough for two or three people, yet it can zip in and out of traffic or pull up to the curb with ease. Unfortunately, this model is no longer being made, and it is hard to predict what new luxury sedan will take its place in business travelers’ hearts.

Stretch Limousines
In the world of limousines, cars are often described by the amount of people that can comfortably sit inside. If you hear your limousine booking agent use terms like six-pack, eight-pack or ten-pack, they’re talking about the number of passengers and not how much beer to stock. For a comfortable ride, it’s often necessary to eliminate two people from the car’s optimum passenger count. For example, if your hire a six-pack, it works great for four people but will be cramped for six adults.

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Super Stretch Limousines
Twenty of your best friends can fit in a super stretch limo. Even though a large limo is costly to rent, it is very affordable when split by 15 or 20 people. These extra long vehicles have plenty of interior room and many high-end, luxurious features, but they are very difficult to navigate on narrow streets and may have to circle a city block a few times before there’s room to accommodate such a long limo at the curb.

SUV Limousines and Stretched Limousines
Most limo companies offer an SUV fleet which includes the typical Lincoln Navigator style SUV to stretched and super stretched Hummers, Cadillac Escalades and other models and makes. Currently the standard black or white H2 Hummer Stretch Limo seems to be a favorite for weddings, trips into the city or vacations. However, when it comes to girls’ night out, the pink Hummer Stretch is most often the limo of choice.

Party Buses 
The party bus provides all the luxury of a limousine plus other amenities like being able to stand up and walk around or have access to a full, stocked bar. Also known as land yachts or road whales, these monster limos can seat up to 40 or more people and are used to transport a large group of people together in style

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