Protecting Your Car From Thieves

It has been found that thieves have certain standards and prefer cars like Jaguars, BMWs, Mercedes and Range Rovers mainly because they’ll be able to get away much faster and they’re good cars and will therefore be easy to sell on. There are however, a number of ways that will make thieves avoid your vehicle with a barge pole:

1.    Awkward parking will put all thieves off because it makes their getaway much longer. If you park on a street then marking straight on is a bad idea because it’s really easy to move your care from the space without really being noticed. If you can, you should turn your wheels into the kerb so that it’s harder to move your car out of the space; you should do the same if you park in a car park except turn your wheels towards the car next to you rather than a kerb. If you park in a driveway or a car park then you should always drive into the space rather than reverse. This once again makes it much more awkward for a burglar and if you park on a drive it means that they have to come much closer to you and your property in order to get into the car.

2.    If your car is untidy or you leave things such as phone chargers, sat nav holders and bags etc. on show it indicates that the valuables will be in there. If you have to leave things like this in your car then locking them securely in the boot is the best precaution. If you don’t need these things then don’t leave them in your car.

3.    Covering your car with stencils, stickers and other things that will draw attention – like fluffy dice in your back window etc. – will repel potential thieves as your car is too recognisable and it won’t be easy to get rid of because it’s so recognisable. Private number plates are also another good way of deterring thieves as again, they are easily recognisable as they’re truly unique.

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4.    Visible alarms, trackers and immobilisers and other types of visible security work really well, as burglars only have a certain amount of time and they aim to be as quiet as possible so if there’s the threat of an alarm sounding or a steering wheel lock in their way they’re much less likely to both with it.

5.    Finally, a car cover is a great way to hide everything from a potential burglar. These can be locked under your car so burglars won’t even try to remove them as they take too much time; they won’t be as tempted in the first place either because they won’t be able to identify the type of car as easily and if they take the cover off then there’s no guarantee of valuables being inside.

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