Protecting Your Truck With Covers And Bed Liners

Trucks have been popular in the USA for decades and they are gaining in popularity in the UK as well. Trucks are a major investment and taking care of them will make them last longer. Protecting the loading surface and the transported loads can be accomplished by installing a bed liner and closing the bed off with a cover of some sort.

Truck owners who want to protect their truck’s bed have basically two choices when it comes to bed liners. Many owners opt for a liner that is sprayed directly onto the surface of the truck bed. This kind of application has several advantages. The application is relatively easy and cost effective. In addition, the liner cannot crack, shift, or break when the bed is loaded.

Another option is a bed insert made of a very durable plastic type material. This type of liner can be removed again with very little effort when it isn’t needed or when it is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Both options offer protection for the truck’s bed. It is a question of personal preference and the intended use of the truck that will determine the best solution in each case. While the sprayed on liner is a permanent solution, the appearance of the truck is altered as well.

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It is equally important to protect the load from the elements. It doesn’t matter if you are transporting wood for your fireplace, or a week’s worth of groceries, it is best to protect the load from the weather.

Tonneau covers are available for a wide variety of trucks and are available as either soft or hard covers. Soft covers are very easy to install and come completely assembled. No tools are needed for the installation. A Tonneau cover is an excellent option for truck owners who want to protect the bed.

Hard covers in comparison are not easily removed. They are generally installed to remain permanently on the truck. As the name implies, they are made from a hard material, usually a fiberglass reinforced top panel and an aluminum underside. The price starts around £160 for a soft, and around £650 for a hard cover.

Hardtops on the other hand are a much pricier way to close off the bed of your truck. A typical hardtop can easily cost around £ 1400, and as much as £ 2500, depending on the model and type of cover you pick. Hardtops come with a variety of amenities like remote central locking, tinted windows, automatic interior lights, and even spoilers and vinyl lining.

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