Reasons for Failing an Emissions Test

Because an automobile can potentially pollute the air we all use to breathe with very bad toxins, emissions tests are required in most US states. Emissions tests are generally used to stop old cars that are falling apart and polluting the air from driving the streets, and also to check newer cars for leaks, breaks in pipes, faulty engines, loose gas cap seals, and more. It is important to regularly test your car by your state’s guidelines so that you can properly obtain insurance and registration for your vehicle. This article will discuss the top reasons for emissions tests, why they are important, and some of the reasons your car might fail the test.


Harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide, sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons, particulate matter, and volatile organic compounds can be emitted into the air from cars with faulty engines, leaks, breaks in pipes, lose gas cap seals, and other types of car problems. Once the pollutants are inhaled, they are transported into the blood and dispersed among all your organs. This can cause great damage to the heart and blood being pumped to it. People with preexisting respiratory problems are at a higher risk for suffering even greater breathing problems. For these important reasons, getting your car checked at your local emissions testing center is extremely important. All of the pollutants listed above are hazardous to human and animal health and need to be taken care of as soon as they are identified. For these reasons it may be worth investing in some garage equipment to test your emissions.

Testing Equipment

Emissions testing equipment works by testing the catalytic converter, fuel gas cap, spinning your wheels at a high rate of speed to see if your engine will emit more pollutants than are allotted, slamming your brakes and pumping air into your fuel system to check for more harmful leaks, and by possibly performing an OBD-II which hooks a computer up to your car’s OBD-ii’s port and finds out if the car’s emissions equipment is working properly within state guidelines. All of these tests and others, which vary state to state, are meant to keep your vehicle running smoothly while keeping the planet and other living creatures’ health in mind. The reason a car may fail an emissions test may include: Faulty gas cap, catalytic converter, exhaust system, fuel meter, oxygen sensor, air injection system, Faulty evaporative emission control system, and if there are leaks in the vehicle’s vacuum system or other potential parts.

Most people care about keeping the planet as clean and as safe as they can by doing everything possible to keep pollutants, contaminants, and waste to as much of a minimum as they can. Vehicle emissions testing is one more action a person can take on a list that is millions in length of helpful ways to keep life on this planet healthy and living and long as possible. We all want our children and their future generations to grow up in a safe world without the toxins that can potentially cause disease and other terrible issues. With this thought in mind, remember to test your car for emissions by your state’s guidelines so you don’t get fined for not having proper insurance and registration, and so that we can all live a little bit cleaner and healthier.

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