Simple Steps to Avoid Car Theft

There is no denying that cars are expensive, other than your residential property they are probably the most expensive thing that you will buy. It makes sense therefore that you would want to do whatever you can to keep your investment safe. When a car is stolen, broken into or vandalised it has a substantial impact on the owner. It may mean that they have lost their transport to work, are unable to take the children to school and it will also leave them feeling both victimised and isolated. Having your car broken into can feel just as bad as having someone break into your home, after all it is still a violation of your personal space. Someone may be driving around the town in something that you have worked very hard to pay for; it may even contain personal items that are very important to you. This is why it is important that you take steps to protect your car and the property that it contains.

Hide Your Valuables

It is important that you do not leave anything of value on display in your car. Things like your satellite navigation system, handbag or anything that could possibly be construed as containing something of value or something that could be sold on for money. Put things under seats or in the glove box of the car, or lock them in the boot so that they are out of sight if you must leave them inside the car for any length of time.

If there is anything in your car that you truly value remember to take it out of the car and into the house when you get home. Leaving something on view that could be worth money is just asking for trouble. Use your common sense, as well as hiding things out of sight make a point of locking the doors every time you leave the car. It might sound like common sense but there are many people that exit the car leaving the doors open and even occasionally leaving the engine running in order to post a letter, only to turn around to find someone entering their car and making off with it.

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Security Systems

There are a number of different security systems that you can install in your car to try and keep it secure. Security systems range from immobilisers through to sound bombs. There are also some new security systems that will send an email to their owners should their alarm be activated, which is all well and good providing that the car’s owner has access to their email account. When you do have an alarm on your car make a point of letting people know about it. As you walk away from the car make a point of beeping the alarm so that everyone around gets the message loud and clear. A side from audible alarms you could also install a tracking system, a distance can even be set to give the car a radius that it cannot travel beyond.

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