Steps To Prepare For Your First Bike Week

For avid bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts, bike rallies and bike weeks can be the highlight of the year.  If you’re attending one for the first time there are plenty of reasons to be excited, as you will get to meet tons of people who share your enthusiasm, get to see lots of motorcycle gear and new designs and have the opportunity to show off your ride.  Whether you’re going to Daytona, Sturgis, Laconia, Myrtle Beach or any other bike week, make sure you’re fully prepared to get the most out of your visit.

Book where you’ll stay early.

Some bike rallies are the largest events that happen in the area each year.  For example, Laconia is a small town in New Hampshire that sees a huge increase in population just for bike week.  This means that there aren’t as many hotels and accommodations available as you might expect because they’ll book up very early for large events like this.  Make sure to decide where you’ll stay as soon as you can, and make any necessary deposits to hold your room.

Budget for what you’ll want to do and what you plan to buy.

Just like any vacation, you’ll want to plan out any travel costs, food, and entertainment for the time you’ll be spending on your trip.  However, unlike a normal family vacation, you’ll probably want to buy a lot more fun stuff during this experience.  Keep in mind that a bike rally will be full of vendors who will be selling items you may not have seen anywhere else.  Plan accordingly and make sure you have some extra spending cash for things you know you’ll be looking for, plus a little extra set aside for those unexpected great finds.  If you know you really can’t afford to spend too much, budget yourself and make sure you have a clear idea ahead of time what you can afford to spend.

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Make sure your bike is in good shape.

Even if you’re planning to attend a bike week close to where you live, a normally short and easy trip can come with extra risks at this time of the year.  Since motorcycle traffic will be considerably higher than usual in the area of any rally, this will also hold up car traffic and can be a potential problem.  Don’t take any chances with your bike that could put you at risk.  Make sure to replace any motorcycle brake that may be worn, check that your turn signals are functioning properly and that there are no other mechanical issues.  Also check to make sure that any additional baggage that you’re bringing with you is attached to your bike in a safe manner.

Once you’ve done all your planning, as with any trip, make a last-minute checklist to ensure everything is ready to go.  After that, just spend some time planning out any extra stops you’ll want to make and what you’ll do when you’re there.

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