Storm Safeguard: 3 Tips to Stay Safe and Decrease Vehicle Damage

When confronted with a severe storm, most people care about two things: staying safe and minimizing property damage, including vehicle damage. There are a few tips to help you achieve both goals.

One of the best ways to stay safe during a storm is to stay inside. Though you may be tempted to head outside when you here about severe storms, it’s not a smart move. Being outside increases your risk of being struck by lightning, hit by flying debris or swept away in flash flooding. When you are inside, there are other things you need to do to stay safe. For instance, if there are high winds, you should stay away from windows, and also, depending on how severe the storm is, you may need to go to the basement or lowest level of your home. If the storm involves lightning, you should avoid using the phone or your computer and you also shouldn’t take a bath or shower.

Another way to stay safe during a storm is to avoid travel. Traveling during a storm can put you in danger and also put your vehicle at risk of being damaged.

Driving in a severe thunderstorm can put you at risk of being struck by lightning or being swept away by flash flooding. It can also put your car at risk of being damaged by flying debris or hail. And if you are traveling during a severe storm, you could be caught away from shelter should a tornado develop.

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You also should avoid traveling during a severe winter storm. The icy road conditions could put you at risk of being in an accident. Heavy snow and ice could cause you to get stuck and stranded, which could be a dangerous situation if you are not prepared.

When it comes to protecting your vehicle during a storm, in addition to not traveling, the best thing you can do is keep your car in a garage. Keeping your car in a covered structure will protect it from hail and debris from high winds. It can also protect your car from being struck by lightning and also from water damage that could occur if broken windows were to allow in rainwater.

If you don’t have access to a garage during a storm, try to park your car away from trees and next to large, sturdy buildings that don’t have structures that could break loose during a storm, such as awnings.

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