The Life Of A Truck Driver

The life of a truck driver is how most people think. Truckers have always been categorized. Truck drivers, for the most part, are the same as everybody else; out to make a living for their families the only way they know how. Yes, just like with any profession, they are a portion of them doing immoral things; therefore, a lot of people label all truckers as bad. Truck drivers are some of the nicest people on the road and would be the first to stop and help people a motorist in need; yet many are scared to because of how society sees them.

Let’s break the life of a truck driver down into just one day. Waking up in a new place every day is hard. Looking around the cab of a truck, which is actually their home. Sleeping in a hard bed that is surrounded by other loud trucks, trying to find a place to use the restroom and praying they get a shower that day. They are pushed by their dispatchers to get down the road no matter the weather; rain, sleet or shine. Driving in snow and ice is dangerous in itself. Having an accident in a big rig is one of the scariest things; truck drivers do not have a choice.

Being alone day after day on the road, away from family, can take its toll on some drivers. Loneliness and depression can become an everyday ordeal for many drivers. Married drivers, who have children, need their support in order to stay on the road. The cell phone has become a truck driver’s best friend. Being able to call home more often can help their moral Yes, some truckers give into female companionship but lately the majority do not, and even report ┼ôlot lizards, prostitutes, to the police.

The life of a truck driver is more than just driving down the road like many think. They have to be mechanics, do paperwork, and are in public relations; talking to customers. Due to stricter laws concerning how long they can drive, the stress of getting the product to its destination on time can take its toll. By law they have to drive less and have shorter time to get there. If their late, it’s their fault. Laws are against them. A favorite saying truckers have is their life consists of hurry up and wait. Their companies push them to get somewhere, then they have to wait for the load; going without sleep doing this. If you have a product, a truck brought it. So why are government laws against them?

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Under these conditions, why do most stick with it? Some say its money but pay has gone down. For many, the life of a truck driver is what it says; their life. The open road, seeing new places, not being tied down to a desk or factory is what drives many. Truck driving gets in your blood causing white line fever. Once that happens, the life of a truck driver will always run through their blood. Once upon a time this was my life and still dream of returning.

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