The Most Common Mistakes That Learners And New Drivers Make

They say that you never really ‘learn to drive’ until you’ve been driving already for a year. While you do of course learn the basics of how to control a vehicle when you’re just starting out, you won’t have the same kind of ‘in-built’ understanding of how to behave on the road or what the other cars are doing and you won’t be able to control the car without thinking as becomes possible later on.

As such, a lot of mistakes can be made when you’re starting out as a driver and a lot of things can go wrong due to this lack of experience. Even when you’re following the highway code perfectly, you may still be making some big mistakes. Here, we will look at some of the most common mistakes made by new drivers and learners.

Driving Too Slowly

You may think that driving too quickly is a serious problem that could cause an accident and that driving slowly then would be the best way to avoid this. However, driving too slowly is a problem in itself and can be dangerous in some ways if you cause people behind you to get impatient or to try and overtake where they really shouldn’t. Try to drive within the speed limit but not too far under it.

Middle Lane Hogging

Driving on the motorway when you first pass your test is nerve wracking seeing as you won’t have done it during your regular driving lessons. As such, you may be tempted to try and avoid switching lanes by driving into the middle lane at a speed you want and then staying there. When you do this though, you are very much breaking the etiquette of the road as you’ll end up changing the speed of every other driver and slowing down the entire motorway. Use the lanes, because that’s what they’re for.

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Not Checking Your Blind Spots

Until you have been driving a while, checking blind spots won’t necessarily come naturally and this is a quick way to get a mark on your driving record. To make sure you don’t forget these checks, create a checklist to go through mentally every time you set off. Check lists are a fantastically useful mental tool that anyone can use to avoid mistakes or forgetting important things and you can easily pin one to your dashboard until you don’t need it any more.

Riding the Clutch

Many new drivers will be so nervous at first that they’ll sit pressed right up against the wheel with their legs hovering over the pedals and even placing some weight on the clutch. While this isn’t going to kill anyone, riding the clutch isn’t good for your car and can damage it over time. Try to force yourself into a more laid back position and this will help to put you in a more laid back and efficient state of mind too.

Generally these little kinds of mistakes are things that fall by the wayside over time. Using a bit of extra tuition or getting in some practice in your local area before going on big drives can help you to ensure they don’t lead to serious accidents.

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