Theo Paphitis And His 300k Chrome Maybach

Dragon’s Den star Theo Paphitis seems pleased with his £300,000 chrome-wrapped Maybach.

Paphitis, who can be seen laughing off business proposals in the long-running BBC series, has revealed a car that gives new meaning to the word ‘ostentatious’.

Super-saloon brand Maybach, which will be dumped by Mercedes from 2013 due to poor sales, is often seen as the height of chauffeur-driven luxury.

And this chrome-plated Maybach 62S is one of a kind in the UK after Paphitis has it wrapped recently in order to stand out on the road.

The car, which measures over six metres in length and weighs nearly three tonnes, comes with a 620bhp V12 engine capable of propelling it to 60mph in 5.2 seconds.

If Theo can find somewhere legal to do it, it can reach speeds of up to 155mph. However, the eye-watering cost of the car means only the world’s most well-off petrolheads can get behind the wheel.

Prices can rise to as much as £800,000 for the monster saloon while fuel economy is just 17.8mpg. Meanwhile, CO2 emissions of over 350g/km put the car in Band M  the worst of Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) and attracts first year charges of over £1,000.

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Even the warranty on Paphitis’ car would break the bank for most, coming in at £4,000. The warranty was such good business for Warrantywise, the company who delivered it, that MD flew to London himself to present it in the exclusive Ivy Club.

Paphitis has topped off his creation with a personalised number plate, R4MAN, named after the stationary chain he pulled from administration.

Mercedes-owned Maybach will disappear from our roads in 2013 after the brand sold just 3,000 cars in seven years.

Originally launched as a rival to BMW-owned Rolls Royce, Maybach sales never really took off in the UK despite famous drivers such as Paphitis endorsing the saloons.

Rumours about Maybach, whose styling and design has split opinion, indicate it loses money on every car sold and it was this that forced Mercedes to scrap the brand.

Instead, Mercedes will focus on its own range of luxury cars to rival the likes of Rolls Royce and Bentley starting with a new Mercedes S-Class.

It leaves Theo Paphitis’ Maybach as one of a dying breed  – and judging by the reaction to his saloon, many will agree that this can only be a good thing!

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