Three Easy Auto Repairs You Can Do In Your Driveway

If you’ve recently spotted a problem with your car, you probably don’t need to spend lots of money by taking it into a garage. Most car repairs are very easy to fix on your own, and learning how to do them can help you in the long run. Read on for three car repairs that you can do by yourself.

Learn to Wax Your Car

If you’ve noticed that your car is looking a little dull, you should learn how to wax your car. This is very easy to do, and it’s something that you can do right in your own driveway. Before you begin, make sure you’ve parked in a cool area or in the shade. Failing to do so could mean that the wax bakes onto the car especially in summer. Make sure your car is clean before you begin the waxing process. Using a wax sponge, rub about two tablespoons in circular motions on the car. Be sure to work in small sections at a time until you’ve waxed the entire car. Finish up by removing the wax with a cloth.

Repairing Paint Chips On Your Car is Easy

Failing to fix paint chips means the area could get rusty and corrode. However, if you notice paint chips on your car, you can definitely fix them yourself. Begin by cleaning the chipped area and smoothing it down with sandpaper. Then, apply the paint while wearing gloves. Be sure you find the right paint; you don’t want to use the wrong shade and make the repair obvious. Once the area you’ve repaired has dried, which usually takes 24 hours, smooth it down again with sandpaper.

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Replace Your Car’s Wiper Blades

Replacing the wiper blades is very easy to do, and can be done absolutely anywhere. Apply downward pressure to unclip the old blade, and simply slide the new blade into the clips. Apply pressure until you hear a click, as this sound lets you know they are in place. Always makes sure that the blades you purchase are the right size, and always test the wipers before you need to use them while driving. These three car repairs are very easy to do, and all of them can be done in your driveway. By learning how to do these repairs, you will save yourself huge amounts of time and money as you won’t need to head into a garage.

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