Three Innovative Parking Systems That Make It Easier For You To Park

With almost 62,000,000 people living in the UK and approximately 75% of the population owning a car, parking in our country can be pretty horrendous, to put it mildly. To help ease our heavily congested car parks and streets, recent years has seen an increasing amount of innovative parking systems arriving, designed to make finding a car parking space easier.

Take a look at three innovative parking systems that have made parking easier in the UK.

Car parking stacker

This ingenious invention essentially involves a simple stacker unit which allows to double up a single parking space by literally stacking a car above another one. With the Automatic Parking Stacker system a vehicle is placed on the car entry cell and following several controls and security operations, the machine will lift the car into the air so that another car can be parked underneath it, thus creating two car parking spaces in the place of one.

Underground garage systems

Underground garage systems are a truly innovate way to park a car without taking up any room on a driveway. True this avant-garde way to park your car is currently confined to private homes and premises, but one cannot help but feel that it will not be long before underground garage systems are regular features of towns and cities.

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As its name suggests, the underground garage system enables your car to be parked underground, thereby freeing up your garage or driveway so that you can utilise the space for other uses and so that your house looks less cluttered without a car or even cars parked outside it.

This innovative parking system can be tailor made so that it fits in with your own requirements, such as building an outhouse or a gym in the place where your car would have been parked.
This cost-effective way to park a car discreetly and conveniently could be particularly beneficial to Grade II listed buildings where planning permission can be difficult obtaining.

Cashless payment systems

Although it is all very well having a great parking system outside our house but what we really need are effective parking strategies in our towns and cities.
In eliminating the need for to grapple around trying to find change, the cashless payment system provides a more convenient and flexible form of parking. Payments are made by using a credit or debit card or by phone and customers are alerted when their parking ticket is about to expire by an SMS ticket – At last in method of ensuring we never get ‘caught out’ with an invalid parking ticket again!

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