Three People You Should Know After A Car Accident

When you are the victim in a car crash, your world can fall apart.  From the day it happens, your life changes drastically.  Your main source of transportation is ruined, your health is compromised, and your finances are impacted.  While some accidents are mere fender benders, if you experience a severe crash, there are people that you will need in your life to help you through things.  The three people you’ll want to know are a good lawyer, an accountant, and a physical therapist.

Nourish your Body

The first thing you need to do after being involved in an accident is get yourself checked out.  For anything more than a scratch on your car, you should go to the hospital.  Even if it seems like you are ok, have a doctor confirm it.  You may have a concussion or other internal injuries that you don’t even realize.  And if you do feel a good amount of pain, they can help you manage it.  Be prepared for the revelation that not everything is going to be ok immediately.

When recovering from an accident, you may have to retrain your body to handle tasks that you previously could do with your eyes closed.  Walking, carrying things, and exercise all need to be re-learned and in some cases, adjusted to fit your health.  It is a difficult transition, and one best left to the professionals to guide you through.

Hire a Lawyer

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Another person you’ll want in your life right away after an accident is an attorney.  If you have one that you’ve had favorable experience with in the past, great.  If not, ask around for recommendations, or look online to find one in your area that has a solid record.  Having a lawyer on retainer after an accident can make the difference between a pile of bills and a lofty settlement.  A good lawyer will take the time to guide you through the whole process, inform you of what to expect with medical bills, work, and the court case, and so forth.  While settlements are vague as to the timeline, a lawyer will help you reach that eventual destination.

Handle your Finances

Obviously, if you are unable to attend work due to your health and your car being totaled; your finances will be impacted.  That, coupled with medical expenses can put your finances in a bad way rather quickly.  It is imperative that you talk to an accountant (as well as your lawyer) about how to sell a structured settlement if you find yourself falling behind on bills.  By cashing in your settlement, you can rest easier knowing that you have handled your current financial needs.

If you or any of your family ever is involved in a nasty car accident, remember to seek out these three professionals.  Involving them in your recovery process can make a world of difference.

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