Tips For Easily Replacing Your Car’s Headlights

You’ll inevitably end up needing to replace your car headlights many times throughout your lifetime. Therefore, it’s best to figure out the easiest and fastest way of changing out your old headlights for new ones so that you don’t need to waste any time whenever you realize that one or both of your headlights are out. Also, the last thing you want is to be pulled over by a police officer who’s ready to give you a ticket for not having properly working headlights, so making sure you have spare headlights available is another great way to get blown bulbs replaced right away.

Figure Out What Type of Headlights Your Car Uses

The first step in replacing your car’s headlights on your own, without needing to spend money having a professional do it for you, is figuring out exactly what types of bulbs your car uses. You can look through your car’s manual to figure this out before heading out to your local auto repair store, or you can wait until you get to the store and ask an associate there for help in finding the right bulb. If you want to, you can purchase several bulbs in advance so that they are ready to go as soon as you realise one of your bulbs went out.

Keep in mind that, if one of your bulbs went out, the other will most likely soon follow, as car headlights only last so long before they inevitably stop working.

Steps to Replace Your Headlight

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1. Pop open the hood of your car and take a look at the back of the headlight area to find where the bulb holder is. The bulb holder will look like three wires coming out of a trapezoid-shaped plug.

2. You will see that the plug is held securely in place by a fastener. The fastener can either be a metal clip, a plastic catch, or a screw cap. To remove the metal clip, pull it up and away until it comes off easily. If your car has a plastic catch, press down on the little lever you find while pulling gently yet firmly on the plug until it slides out. And for a screw cap, unscrew it easily by turning it counter-clockwise.

3. Once the bulb is freed up, with all the wires out of the way, grab it by the base and pull it out.

4. Take your new bulb out of its packaging by carefully grabbing it by its end while avoiding touching the glass at all. The oils on your hands may cause the bulb to burn out sooner rather than later, so in order to get the most life out of your new bulb, hold the glass part only if your fingers are protected by a tissue or cloth. Then just screw it in, reattaching the plug and fastener in the opposite order as when you removed everything.

5. Turn the car on to test that the bulb is properly in place and working correctly.

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