Tips For Storing Your Car For A Long Period Of Time

If you are not planning on using your car for a long stretch of time, there are certain precautions you need to take in order to ensure that your vehicle will still be in great shape whenever you decide to start it up again. Storing a vehicle for a long period of time can result in damage that you cannot reverse, but using the following tips will allow you to prep your car for the long period during which it will not be turned on or used at all. This will prevent you from needing to spend money on repairs for your vehicle to run again once you go to reawaken it from its idle state.

Before you set your car aside for a month or more, perform the following tasks to keep it in the best shape possible.

1. Clean the Car Both Inside and Out

Be sure to clean your car both inside and out before you store it away for a month or longer. While you want to have a clean car to come back to, you especially want to focus on preserving the exterior paint finish, especially if your car will be exposed to the elements while it sits. Wash your vehicle or bring it to a car wash, and also make sure that a coat of high quality car wax is evenly applied in order to protect the paint and keep it looking like new.

While this type of vehicle maintenance is required whether or not you drive your vehicle regularly, you want to be sure that you perform these tasks before setting your car aside for a long period of time as well.

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2. Fill the Car Up with Fuel

Before storing your vehicle away, add a full tank of fuel to it. This will prevent condensation from accumulating over time as the car sits still, which can otherwise damage the fuel tank. You may also opt to add a fuel stabiliser to the vehicle, but you need to drive around for a bit in order to be sure that the fuel has travelled through all of the parts of the car, bringing the fuel stabiliser with it.

3. Use Jack Stands

In order to take some pressure off of the wheels of your vehicle, consider placing it up on jack stands before you store it away for a long period of time. This will ensure that you will not come back to deflated tyres when you are ready to take it for a spin again.

4. Remove the Battery

To preserve the life of the battery and prevent it from draining while your car sits, disconnect it and place it on a trickle-type charger. Again, this will ensure that your vehicle will be ready to go as soon as you need it. If you do not take the right steps to prevent a dead battery, you will not be able to turn your car on when you come back to it.

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