Tips to Take Care of Your Car

Have you just bought a car? If yes, then you need to be aware about its right maintenance procedure. Here are few tips on right car maintenance. Take a look.

You need to carry out the maintenance of your car by checking out on the oil level. For this, you need to switch off the engine and check the oil level with the dipstick. Just take out the dipstick at first and then read the oil level. Use a cloth or towel to clean the dipstick properly. Now again put the dipstick in the oil. Remove it again and now look at the oil level.

You need to take to your car to the professional, if your car:

  1. has gasoline smell
  2. the car needs oil in short intervals
  3. the oil looks foamy

Now you need to look at the transmission fluid. Again you can check the transmission fluid just as you have checked the oil level in the car.  However, while you check the oil level with the engine off, you need to check the transmission fluid when the engine is switched on.

Note: often car owners use different type of transmission fluid in their car. Do not do this. Use the fluid as suggested in the car manual. In case you find the transmission fluid a bit dirty and brown in colour, immediately take your car to a repair centre famous for automotive services.

Tip: to avoid overfilling of the transmission fluid, add the fluid carefully.

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Most of the modern cars have a transparent storage tank. This allows you to check the brake fluid level without having to use the dipstick. You will have to add the brake fluid on regular interval. Your car will need as with continuous usage, your car brakes automatically gets worn. However, if you notice that the level of the brake fluid drops suddenly, then you need to take your car to a car repair centre.

Note: be careful about the brake fluid you add in the car.

Consider the coolant level in the car. Be careful when you open the radiator of the car. If the car engine is hot, do not open the car radiator. It is advisable that you check the coolant level of the car by checking the reserve tank. Remember that when the engine of the car is cold, then only you need to add the coolant level.

Again, if you need to add the coolant level frequently, then it is better that you show your car to a professional car mechanic.

Often car owners ignore the windshield washer fluid. If you use the fluid frequently to wash the windshield, then you will have to add the fluid on a regular interval.

Tip: mix the fluid with water for better cleaning of the windshield. However, in winter use concentrated form of the fluid.

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