Tools That a Mechanic Needs For Efficient Automotive Repairs

Most of the retailers sell packaged mechanic’s tool kits. But there are many such tools that need to be bought later by mechanics for better mobile mechanical works. For any type of repairing, having the right set of tools is imperative. The type of vehicle may be different, but there are some tools that are essentially required for every mobile mechanic.

Hand Tools

Mechanics use several hand tools to work on varied forms of engines. The most common tools that mechanics use are the torque and crescent wrenches which are used to tighten and loosen parts. Along with them, various types of screwdrivers are used. Apart from these, a ratchet handle driver with bits of different sizes, pliers, hacksaws, wire cutters, wire stripping tools and rubber mallet are essential tools needed for mechanical repairs works. Also, many a time’s mechanics need socket sets and generic sockets for fixing off spark plugs and ball joints. An oil filter wrench and a commercial lug wrench can be useful while removing oil filters.


When it comes to mechanical works, one cannot neglect the role of gadgets. We live in the 21st century where everything seems to be digitized, so why not automotive repairs? There is a hand-held auto diagnostic tool available that can be connected to the computers. It will scan and detect problems in the vehicle and showcase in the monitor screen. There are large electrical test kits that help mechanics track minute problems. Apart from these, refrigerant leak detector, battery tester, rapid battery charger and an acetylene torch are helpful tools as well.

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Who would not like to complete work as fast as possible and then relax? In case of mechanics, they make use of an air compressor with numerous attachments to complete tasks easily. Air ratchets, sanders, spray guns, drills can be easily attached to the compressor to make the task of mobile mechanics easier than ever before. Mechanics require creepers to look into areas under the cars. A cordless impact wrench which tightens and loosens nuts and bolts quickly is very helpful.

There is no end to the number of tools that a mechanic can make use of. However, these were the minimum set of tools that every mechanic should have in their kitty. In fact, the difference between an experienced and a novice can be understood from the tools that the mechanic has or carries along. Therefore, next time, when the need for mechanical repairs arises make some effort to probe the tools the mechanic has brought along with him.

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