Top Nissan Car Sales For 2012 In Australia

The Australian automotive market experienced a record breaking year in 2012 in terms of sales, with numbers up a staggering 10% from 2011. Nissan was one brand that benefited greatly from increased sales, with the brand selling a total of 79,747 vehicles in 2012, up 17% from 2011. We decided to take a look at the top selling Nissan’s in Australia, compare their sales figures and look at what the future could bring for this popular Japanese brand.

Year on year compared

2012 Pos. Model No. Sold 2012 % Change No. Sold 2011 2011 Pos.
8 Nissan Navara 26,045 +20% 21,675 7
16 Nissan X-Trail 16,066 +33% 12,089 22
24 Nissan Dualis 13,141 +43% 9,214 34
36 Nissan Micra 9,162 -4% 9,509 32
79 Nissan Patrol Wagon 3,207 0% 3,217 76
81 Nissan Tiida 3,059 -14% 3,577 74
88 Nissan Pathfinder 2,695 +16% 2,318 91
99 Nissan Murano 2,145 -4% 2,246 93
124 Nissan Maxima 1,454 -24% 1,923 101
130 Nissan Patrol Ute 1,274 -12% 1,443 122

The figures above clearly show that Nissan’s most popular models are utility vehicles and 4×4’s, with the top three bestselling Nissan’s being a Ute (Navara) and two SUV/4×4’s (X-Trail and Dualis). There is no doubt that the Navara is well and truly Australia’s most popular Nissan, outselling the X-Trail by almost 10,000 vehicles. Nissan’s ute, SUV and 4×4 models also saw the most growth compared to last year, with the Navara selling 20% more vehicles than in 2011, the X-Trail selling 33% more, and the Dualis’ sales increased by a staggering 43%. The Pathfinder also saw a more modest rise in sales from 2011, up 16% in 2012.

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In contrast, Nissans smaller cars took a hit in 2012, all down on sales from the previous year. The Maxima sedan experienced the heaviest losses, selling 24% fewer vehicles, while the Micra subcompact city car also lost ground with 4% fewer sales.

Interestingly, while the Navara Ute’s sales soared, sales of the Patrol Wagon and Ute stalled, with the Wagon sales stagnant from 2011, and the Ute losing 12%.

Global Nissan sales

Nissan’s total worldwide sales were up around 1% from 2011, with the Renault-Nissan group selling a total of 8,101,310 vehicles. These results are surprising considering how stagnant Nissan sales are globally compared to the marked increase of 17% in Australia during the same period. It certainly paints a picture of how well Australia’s economy is performing compared to that of other countries.

Future for Nissan in Australia

If the current growth of Nissan in Australia is anything to go by, Nissan’s future in Australia looks very bright. After experiencing a sales increase of 17% from 2011, there is no doubt that the brands popularity is increasing here, and will likely continue to improve over the coming years.

Final thoughts

It is clear from the sales figures that Nissan is reaping the full benefits from Australia’s record breaking car sales. With vehicle sales up 17% on 2011 compared to the overall industry’s 10% growth, Nissan is poised to do very well in Australia going forward with their range of utility vehicles, SUV’s, sedans and compact city cars. Currently the country’s 6th most popular brand, it will be interesting to see how this position changes going forward.

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