Toyota Wish 2.0 the Superior Van Experience

Toyota Wish is an MPV produced by the third largest automobile company Toyota. The production happened in 2003 with code name 760N.Being a six to seven seat car it has captured the Japan market, with Africa and Asia both having loyal customers base.

The car is an Ipsum lower version, having assembly at Thailand and Taiwan aside from Japan. The car was publicized in Tokyo Motor Show and later was endorsed by Hikaru Utada on TV with her song Colors, being heard globally.

The Toyota Wish comes in 1.8L and 2.0L only with two generations only. The 2.0L version in First generation (2003 onwards) with Seven seat and six seat comes in 4 speed automatic  transmission. The D4 engine of this displacement comes in Continuously Variable Transmission making the infinite gear shifts easy to carry.

The Toyota Wish 2.0 has made changes according to the market needs. So customers of individual markets are facilitated according to their behavior.  They Toyota Wish 2.0 have feature difference. For example the Toyota Wish 2.0 in Taiwan is different because of 17 inch wheel-base, with engine 1AZ-FE and Leather upholstery.

In 2005 end the car was up-lifted with a garnishing change like headlights, bumpers, dashboard and LED tail lights. The Toyota Wish 2.0 turned out to be the best, as nothing major changed  mechanically in this car and the fuel efficiency advantage because of being a compact MPV remained. Hence the wish huge success in Japan is well justified because of the consideration of technical side to the superior  level.

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The Second generation (2009 onwards) Toyota Wish 2.0 was powered by a high end engine 3ZR-FAE, while the 7 gear box with Super CVTi transmission became a standard in all models. The Toyota Wish 2.0 Z version had dynamic sports mode suiting those having interest in automobile gaming. The 2009 brought more high power-full components as the latest technology was accepted with open arms.

Talking about the general accessories Toyota Wish 2.0 had, it is a fully loaded car with decorative features like high end rear and front bumper shape, Alloy Wheel, Roof Rail, LED light, HID light, FOG light being in the best working condition. While the safety features of Anti-lock Breaking System and Traction Control System made the grip on road best. The other inside features like Climate Control System with Heated front seats made the atmosphere cozy, while Power Window and Power Steering make the Toyota Wish 2.0 in driver control.

There is a great demand of Japanese used vehicles for sale from Russia, New Zealand, South America and especially from African countries like Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Botswana, Mozambique and South Africa.

So if you want a Japanese brand new or used car, Toyota Wish 2.0 can give you paramount level driving experience. You can easily book one online at SBT Japan which can deliver your vehicle or car anywhere in the world where you want it to be.

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