Treasure The Moment – It May Not Come Again

Whenever you purchase something brand new you always get that sense of pride and accomplishment within you. To know that you’ve worked for nice things makes it all worthwhile and it’s the little thing that makes the difference.

Mobile Phones

You see the newest smartphone on the market and you find out that you have enough to purchase it. When you collect it at the till and you open it there and then, because excitement overcomes you, you see the phone. You ignore the shiny screen, the pretty keys and the snazzy design but you automatically look at the clear bit of plastic covering the screen – this is known as the screen protector.

Removing the screen protector is an iconic moment in the process of owning a new mobile phone, and is something that should be taken seriously and cherished. Peeling that little corner at the end and slowly lifting it up, hearing that sound of plastic peeling off glass and the smell of brand new phone emerge in the air – its heaven to your senses.

Treat your new mobile phone like you treat a woman – caress, take care and love it unconditionally. After all, it allowed you to peel its plastic cover off!


Similar to a mobile phone, the unboxing of a laptop or computer is an important moment in a gadget-lovers life. Although the polystyrene blocks protecting the laptop runs through your veins and makes your blood boil, you eventually succumb to fear and lift the squeaky bit of annoying plastic to allow your hands to grasp the laptop and hold it for the very first time – to males, this is the equivalent to holding a new born baby.

A laptop can either be taken care of, keeping the screen and keyboard clean, using it professionally or you can use it like a student would – by downloading everything and complaining that it’s slow.

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As a vital piece of technology, to own a laptop is similar to gaining independence and also improving a possibly already thriving social life.


Buying a brand new car is probably the most important choice in purchase anybody will make in their entire lives. To purchase a car takes patience and care otherwise you will regret ever being attracted to a 1966 Ford Cortina when there’s a 12-plated Focus right adjacent to it.

Keeping a car clean can rack up the pennies but all in good cause as it sits on your front drive like a model in a motor show. Obviously, taking it to the car wash every day is a bit excessive and OCD symptoms will arise but taking it every other week to make sure it sparkles underneath the rare sun that England possesses is a trait of a proud car owner.

As for the interior, customising it to your liking is a task everybody simply cannot wait to get started with. Personalised car seat covers, steering wheel cover, brand new gearstick and patterned seat belts are just a few of the additions that people apply in order to make sure that their car matches their personal taste.

However, if you don’t treat your car this way, there can be some serious consequences. Bits start falling off, repairs become an often task to complete and it loses its sparkle and the excuse that bird faeces is an intended bodywork pattern starts to wear thin among friends and family.

The main worry is that rust will develop. Especially in British weather, rainfall is common and rust will start to appear if the car isn’t treated appropriately.

Calvin Ford is a writer who believes that everyone should treasure their new purchases, especially if that new item is a car. He recommends keeping it clean inside and out and using rust treatment for cars to ensure your pride and joy stays looking as good as new.

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