Vacuum Truck Maintenance During Winter Season

Vacuum trucks are carrier trucks fitted with a vacuum unit for suctioning dirt or liquid from the given area and transferring into other area for disposing. These trucks offer myriads of services including clearing sewer and storm drains that are designed to channel excess rain or ground water from roads, paved streets, sidewalks, and parking lots. This is a very important instrument which should be maintained regularly to ensure longevity and that lasting to a full life expectancy. Apart from regular maintenance to take care of, here are a few important suggestions to ensure the entire fleet performe well without encountering annoying and costly breakdowns and/or repairs

Prepare for the Worst

Winter preparation is very important for these unique trucks. Special attention and extra seasonal maintenance should be given to every certain parts of the vehicle that are more sensitive to inconsiderate winter conditions.


During cold and humid climate certain parts of the trucks perform harder than tanks and pumps. Sometimes during the functioning the ball and knife valves can freeze and is unable to perform well creating a great potential for pumping accidents. So it is always advisable to install heated valves to avoid such problems. Always check that these are performing well in advance of starting a job in harsh winter weather.

Anti freeze– With the onset of winter season it is very important to check the radiator flush and refill and be certain of no leaks in the radiator. It is very difficult to check the antifreeze being used in the vehicle is appropriate for the area’s expected low temperatures. In extreme weather condition it is not uncommon to run concentrated antifreeze; but using the wrong mixture could result in engine failure if its fluids freeze.

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Tires- Again it is very important to use right tires for snowy areas as also to have tire chains available in good condition. It is essential to understand the installation of chains since they serve they serve no purpose if they cannot be put on the tires when needed. It is also imperative to check the tire pressure when the temperature is extremely cold even though recommended pressure is slightly lower in the winter than in the heat of summer. The lower pressure increases the tire surface on potentially slippery roads; if the pressure is too low, drive becomes difficult resulting in inconvenience.

Cab heater– Again it is essential to check the cab heater’s working condition. It is essential to check the cab’s interior condition. Keep windshield washer fluid reservoirs full and wiper blades in good condition as well as using the appropriate winter weight oil for smooth starts and cool running.

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