Want To Save On Gas? Here Are Five Cars You Can Buy!

ummer travel seasons have been shortened, and fewer vacationers have taken to the skies. The effect upon the economy cannot be overstated. However, for those who must commute, auto makers have produced several answers to address this concern.

Fuel efficient and eco-friendly vehicles have taken to the roadways in an effort to rescue consumers at the pump. These vehicles are equipped with technological advancements, maintain high safety ratings and far exceed emission standards of yesterday. Some vehicles garner as much as 50 miles per gallon and have power sufficient to easily handle the long commute. Two thousand thirteen offers consumers a wide selection of vehicles that are sure to please and ease the pain of fueling up.

Toyota Prius
The first vehicle in this list is the Toyota Prius. The Prius is one of the most popular hybrid vehicles on the road today. Regardless of the model, consumers will not be disappointed with highway fuel efficiency of 44 – 51 miles per gallon. This is an exceptional vehicle for the commute. Its 4 cylinders boast a 134 horsepower engine. The Prius is compact but comfortably seats five. The vehicles design allows passengers plenty of head and leg room.

Honda Civic Hybrid
The second vehicle in this list belongs to Honda. Honda enters the competition with the Honda Civic Hybrid. This vehicle gets approximately 44 miles per gallon and has a 4 cylinder engine that generates 111 horsepower. The Honda Hybrid is powered by the Integrated Motor Assist System. This reduces drag while improving the flow of air through the engine.

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CT 200h
Lexus, Toyota’s luxury vehicle, enters the contest in third place with the CT 200h. This hybrid has a 134 horsepower engine and maintains luxury appointments throughout the cabin. It gets approximately 43 miles per gallon and is the top small, luxury vehicle in its class.

Camry Hybrid
Toyota also takes the fourth position with the Camry Hybrid. This 4 cylinder, 187 horsepower vehicle is larger than other vehicles on the list but still gets approximately 41 miles per gallon. It maintains the same look of standard Camry models. It also features many of the same amenities of its non-hybrid cousin. The Camry Hybrid is a true example of power in a gas/electric vehicle as it is capable of generating nearly 270 horsepower.

Ford rounds the list with the Fusion. The Fusion gets approximately 41 miles per gallon and has a 4 cylinder engine that generates 191 horsepower. The Fusion is equipped with stability control and electronic tire pressure sensors among its many standard features.

These hybrid vehicles provide consumers with much more than attractive fuel numbers. Reliability and comfort come standard and provides peace of mind as commuters think of creative ways to stretch hard-earned dollars.

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