What Factors Determine Limousine Service Prices?

Booking a limousine may not seem like a big deal but, if you don’t have a plan in hand you could end up paying a lot more than you should. Having a plan does not mean you spend a lot of time and energy in this pursuit. A simple guide with points to look for can help you get the best deal and not fret. Here are the three most important factors that affect limousine service prices.

Type of the vehicle

You might think it is just a limousine but, within this luxury fleet of cars there are types and the price of the service will depend a lot on the kind of vehicle it is. The most common types within the category are luxury sedan also known as the town car, a hummer, an escalade etc. Also, the seating inside the vehicle will determine what you are going to be charged as far as the limousine service prices go. So, before you go ahead with the booking make sure you know what you want and then start looking.

Hourly pricing

The next you have to look for in the limousine service prices is the hourly prices. Basically, you will be charged based on the number of hours you need the vehicle for above and beyond which you will be charged a separate cost. It is always good to have a plan for the time you need the vehicle for because if you don’t really know, you could end up paying a lot. If you are booking the vehicle for an event, have a cushion based on the rough estimate of the number of hours you will be using the vehicle. Make sure to inform your guests beforehand because you don’t want any last minute changes.

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Day of the week

Limousine service prices also depend on what day of the week you make the booking for. Days from Sunday through Thursday are usually less expensive than the days in the weekend. Weekends are usually the busiest and hence the most expensive. So, if you want to save up on limousine services prices it makes a lot of sense to time your event during the weekdays if you can do so.

If you keep these factors in mind you could work out the best price out there and make way for enhanced savings with the bookings you make.

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