What Questions Should You Ask Before Buying a Used Car?

If you are in the market for a car, it is a wise choice to buy a used car. The economy is still unstable, and the price of fuel does not seem to be going down anytime soon. It is a much better idea to buy a used car that is fuel efficient, and cheaper. You will appreciate the extra savings that are in your pocket when you choose to buy a used car.

You can find used cars by searching through several different outlets. There are many online classified websites that list used cars for sale in your area. Many websites have been created exclusively to connect buyers and sellers of used cars. All of these websites make it very easy to locate the car of your dreams, but you do need to exercise caution. You will have to pick over a lot of bad lemons before you find the car of your dreams so it is imperative that you do the proper research before you decide on a particular type or model car. Always remain in control of the buying process so you can make an informed decision without being tricked into buying a piece of junk.

There are several things that you should ask a used car seller before you sign any agreements or hand over any cash.

Why Have You Decided To Sell This Car?

If you are purchasing a used car from a car dealer, they may not know the real reason why someone traded in or sold the car to them. But, if you are dealing with a private seller that you located online or through other publications, they should be able to give you an honest answer to the question. Be sure that you watch their body language because that may tell you more than their words do.

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What Is The Correct Mileage For The Car?

The number of miles that are on the car will play a vital role in determining the car’s value. You should also be aware that it is possible the owner may have tried to change the odometer.

Can You Take The Car Out For A Test Drive?

Most used car sales professionals do not mind if you take the car out for a test drive. As a matter of fact, most of them will encourage you to do so. A private seller may not be as willing to allow you to take the car out. You can ease their apprehension by asking them to ride with you. A test drive will give you the opportunity to see how well the car drives.

Can You Have Someone You Trust Inspect The Car?

Any reputable seller, dealer or private, should agree to let you have your mechanic inspect the car.

Do You Offer A Warranty?

Most used car dealerships do provide a limited warranty for the cars that are on their lot. If you are dealing with a private seller, chances are, the car will be sold to you as is.

Has The Car Ever Been In An Accident?

You should look for signs that the car may have been previously damaged. Look for uneven paint, dents, missing parts, or parts that are not original.

These are just a few of the questions that you should ask all potential buyers before you purchase a used car.

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