What You Should Consider Before Purchasing Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags

The main purpose of leather Motorcycle saddlebags is to carry some satisfactory amount of luggage. Leather is most used material for manufacturing of saddlebags, as it is most reliable, resilient and durable that is weather proof and abrasion proof and protects the luggage in bag in case of any accident. Leather saddlebags come in various sizes and exhibit great flexibility. They can accommodate almost all types of luggage such as jackets, clothes, helmets, bike tools etc. The reason behind huge demand of leather saddlebags is that they are functional, stylish, protective and maintainable simultaneously. There are many factors that you need to keep in mind prior to purchasing a suitable saddlebag.

Budget Limit

First, you need to consider your financial limit. The cost of leather saddlebags usually is below five hundred dollars. The cost mainly depends upon size of the bag and luggage to be carried. It is better to avoid showrooms, as they usually provide costly bags. Avoid purchasing bags from dealers as well, because they charge more and give low quality products. Consider purchasing your desired bag from any online source that come with various varieties and provide you many beneficial offers.

Mounting system

Secondly, you must check out the mounting system prior to buying the leather saddlebags for motorcycles. Normally, two methods are used to attach the bags: Throw-over mounting and hard mounting. In throw-over method, bags are attached by binding the straps below bike shocks and seats. These types of bags are less costly and more comfortable to mount as compared to other bags. The saddlebags which use hard mounting system are much protective as compared to throw-over bags.

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Locking System

Next factor to consider is the locking system. You must choose a bag that includes proper locking system. It is suggested to pick a bag with buckles rather than snap-ones. This way, you will be able to keep your belonging safe from being stolen. There are also bags that accommodate locks with quick-release buckles, enabling you to quickly and comfortably open the bag. Such systems are normally concealed below straps of leather Motorcycle saddlebags.

Metal frames

Leather is undoubtedly very tough material, but it can sag after too much usage. It may happen due to extreme weather conditions like heat, rain etc. So, in order to avoid sagging of bags, some special frames are used to strengthen the bags. Therefore, you need to see whether metal frames for leather bags are made of stainless steel or not. If the frames are made of stainless steel, then you should immediately buy them

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