What You Should Do If You’re Involved In A Hit And Run Car Crash

If you are the victim in a hit and run accident then it is important you follow a few steps in order to have insurance cover the damage and possibly catch the perpetrator. These types of accidents can happen on the road or even when you car is parked. Once the driver hits your car he decides that the best option for him is to flee the scene in the hopes of not being seen. This is a very common complication in car accidents and it can lead to the person at fault getting away completely. However, do not let these angry emotions get in the way because it is needed to be calm to complete all of these steps.

When you first are involved in a hit and run the first thing you should do is to attain all the information that you can. License plate numbers, vehicle color, model, and make can help find the person that hit you. However, do not try to follow the person who hit you. This can cause a dangerous situation if they have a weapon or if they are trying to avoid jail by any means possible. If you are not at the scene when it happens then stay calm and assess the damage. See if the other car left any evidence when it hit your car. If not it is still fine and the next step is to call the necessary organizations.

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Once you have gotten down the info it is important to call the police and let them know of the situation. File an accident report and even if they do not have enough evidence this will be a good official document to have when dealing with insurance. Next is to file an insurance claim with your insurance company. If you have enough evidence against the perpetrator then it is possible to get them to pay for the damages. However, if not then it may have to be covered by your own insurance plan. This is an important thing to consider when choosing an insurance option. If you want to be covered from hit and run accidents then find an option that specifically covers it.

A hit and run accident is a frustrating thing to go through but it is something to take seriously. File all the necessary documents with the police and the insurance company and even if you don’t have much evidence they could end up finding them and making them cover the repairs. Remain calm and this whole process can be over in no time.

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