What’s Wrong With My Car?- 6 Common Car Problems And How To Fix Them Yourself

Modern cars are built to be dependable and durable; unfortunately, you can still run into certain problems once in a while. When you experience car problems, it can be very frustrating and annoying, especially if it happens when you least expect it. Aside from the frustration it causes, it also entails huge repair costs and it can potentially put you in danger while on the road.

For these reasons and more, it is vital to learn how to prevent and troubleshoot the most common car problems. In doing so, you can avoid being stranded in the middle of nowhere and prevent delays due to car trouble. This article will discuss the top six car problems and how you can prevent or fix them.

  1. Ignition Problem: If your car fails to start but the engine doesn’t turn, check your gas tank. If it contains gas, try testing the windshield wiper or the horn. If they fail to function, you need to check the connections of your battery; and if the connections appear corroded, clean them. It is also advisable to test the battery if it has any charge. If it has, look for the starter and knock the case gently. If your engine still won’t start after all these, it is time to call a professional mechanic.
  2. Car Fails To Start: If your car doesn’t start but it makes a clicking and moaning noise, the problem might lie in the car’s starter or alternator. It can also mean that your battery is dead. Check if you have left your lights on or test the battery if it has any charge. To test the battery, you need to use a jumper cable or a charger. If the car starts after hooking the battery to a charger, you need to figure out if the source of the problem is due to a dead battery, or a damaged starter or alternator.
  3. Dead Battery: A lot of car owners have experienced putting the key into the ignition and nothing happens. This problem is especially common during cold winter months. This is a problem that is easy to prevent and fixed. You just have to make sure that you test your battery before you go out, and make sure to get a new one before the old one completely runs out of charge.
  4. Bad Serpentine Belt: This type of problem needs to be addressed by a professional mechanic; however, it can be prevented if you have your vehicle serviced regularly. If you fail to bring your car for regular servicing, it might start to squeak and squeal as you drive. This type of car trouble is a very serious problem that forces car owners to pull over.
  5. Car Accessories Stopped Working: If your windshield wipers, lights, or horn fail to function, you need to check the fuses. You can find more information about these electrically powered accessories in the user’s manual. Try to pop out the old fuse and inspect whether the wire inside the plastic area is broken. Replace the fuse with a new one if it is damaged.
  6. Vehicle Pulls To One Side: If you start to notice that your car starts to swerve either to the right or left when you keep your hands off the steering wheel, or if you are having a hard time keeping your car straight while on the road, the problem might be due to misalignment. You can fix this by bringing your car to a mechanic and have them realign your vehicle.
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These are some of the most common car problems you might encounter once in a while. To avoid experiencing such problems, it is advisable to bring your car for servicing regularly. In doing so, a professional mechanic can check your vehicle, pinpoint and repair potential problems.

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