Who Transports The Transporters?

Many of us depend on our car to transport us and our families every day, but how are cars themselves transported? Who transports our transporters?

The Trade Plate Tourers
Any road trip on our motorways or in our towns and cities will soon tell you that our roads are full of cars, but few of us ever give much thought to the logistics that actually get cars onto dealer forecourts and into the hands of their owners. There is of course the low-tech method. You might have noticed some weather-beaten chaps holding those red ‘trade plates’ and thumbing lifts at motorway entrances and service stations. What are they up to?

These are the guys who deliver cars up and down the country. It is a challenging job, more so than you might think. There are tight schedules to keep and the drivers are responsible for the road worthiness of the car whilst it is in their possession. Then there is that uncertainty of waiting for a lift to your next job. The limitations of this system are obvious. Each driver can only deliver one car at a time and that driving is putting miles on the clocks of the cars.

Transporter Titans
Clearly there has to be a better way and, of course, there is. Companies using trailers designed for car transportation offer a more sophisticated service. These companies run fleets of purpose-built car transporters that can get many more cars safely to their destination without putting miles on the clock. Customers include large fleet managers who have hundreds of vehicles to deliver and car dealers who need all the latest models delivered to their showrooms.

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They also include private individuals. Many people who are relocating abroad, for example, might want to take their car but not have the hassle of driving it there themselves. Other customers include those who are transporting their precious vintage and classic cars to shows and don’t want to put them through the rigours of the road. These companies offer tailored solutions to suit all clients, from large scale open transporters to personal, closed vehicles for those rare and expensive cars.

These car transporter services prevent our roads from being choked with thousands of car deliveries every day and help the environment by reducing the emissions caused by single deliveries. Perhaps, just as importantly, they make sure our precious four-wheeled friends arrive without a blemish on their paint or additional miles on their clock.

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