10 Best Architecture Books


Architecture has evolved massively over recent years, with new products such as texlon really coming into their own as an architectural innovation. The ten best architecture books look at all manner of designs and features, from classic designs right up to modern attitudes and ideas including the use of new materials, such as texlon.

Analysing Architecture
Primarily a book aimed at students, this is a great tool looking at the very best examples of architecture throughout history, including a focused look at modern designs.

Complexity And Contradiction In Architecture
This book explores many aspects of architecture, from basic examples such as tree houses up to modern commercial buildings and family homes.

Constructing Architecture: Materials, Processes, Structures
A twist on modern architecture books, looking at the art of putting a building together, effectively and ways to do so, rather than looking firmly at construction principles and ideas.

Structure Systems
A modern classic in the field, featuring hundreds of drawings and photographs pointing out design features and why they work. This is a great book, highly complex material made simple to understand, even for architectural novices!

Building Simply
Questioning the complexities involved even in the most simple of designs, this looks at a wide range of global design examples, from famous buildings incorporating texlon ETFE to cable structures such as bridges.

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Basics Of Model buildingĀ 
Not a book looking at architecture itself, rather exploring the construction of models and how you can learn from these in terms of adapting modern building designs.

The Poetics Of SpaceĀ 
How to view space within modern architecture. This book challenges designers to look beyond the walls and imagine a finished article rather than a shell, then apply findings to design ideas.

Floor Plan Manual: Housing
Looking specifically at residential living spaces, this book explores the ins and outs of floor planning and how architects should apply these ideas to their work and designs.

Perhaps predictable by looking at the title, this text explores the art of living in a minimalistic manner and how we benefit from this as people, along with assistance with how to consider this within design.

This book contains over 1,200 illustrations, looking at architecture throughout history and how each generation has been inspired and evolved from the ideas of the last.

These are the ten must have books for anyone interested in architecture at any level, with a wide range of ideas and inspirations which will benefit your work greatly.

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