5 Homemade Crafts Made From Recyclables

Lots of things around your home are recyclable. The glass wine bottle you have sitting on the counter. Old Coke cans. Paper that you don’t need anymore. What you might not realize is that these little materials around your home are part of craft ideas. They make organizing your home easy, too.

Here are five handy tricks to use with the materials inside your home.

1. Always losing your bobby pins? There’s an easy fix. Use an empty tic tac container to hold them. Simply pop open the top and shake one out when you need it.

2. Empty coffee creamer bottles make for great food storage units. Goldfish. Chex mix. Pretzels. Sugar. Flour. Get creative! All types of food will fit into these plastic bottles. Your food stays fresh and you save the environment.

3. Want to save grocery bags to use for your little trash cans? You don’t have to throw them under the sink anymore. They might seem small, but they do take up a lot of space. Unless you use a milk jug to store them! Cut open a hole in the middle of the milk jug and stuff all those bags inside. If you want to get creative, you can color your jug or put a label on it.

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4. Get some fabric, some Mod Podge, and grab those empty Altoids tins. Decorate these tins to fit your personality and use them for storage units. Fit your credit cards and ID inside to take out with you in your clutch. Put your small coupons in there so you can keep track of them. Use it to store your stamps or other small items. It’s fun and trendy. Your friends will think you bought it off of a homemade craft website!

5. Want to add a little personality to your kitchen? Use old tin cans to use as wooden spoon and spatula holders. Paint them with spray paint. Let them dry. Wrap a ribbon around it to spruce it up. Put some glitter on it to make it fabulous. If you’re really crafty, poke some holes in the shape of a heart or star to give it some personality. Then fill it with all your spoons and other cooking utensils. These little tin cans really spruce up your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Lots of recyclable materials can be used to spruce up your home. Not to mention, they can make you more organized. It’s a win-win!

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