Can You Judge Smartness By Grades?


In today’s age it is very common to ask an O level or A level student that how many As he /she scored, we do not even ask that what are the grades we just ask that how many As you score? Our society is being evolved in such a way where people expect that 10/10 or best is what you are supposed to do. In such a situation what are those students suppose to do who do not score well? Who are pressurized by parents and teachers to score well but due to their limited interest they are not able to meet the expectations of their parents and teachers.

How we judge students?

What are we suppose to do with such students? Are they lesser than their peers in any way? Just because they couldn’t score A or scored B on 89, implies that they are behind the other student in this race of being number one? The pressure is building up day by day because the competition is increasing day by day; competition to be number one in every field, to show your parents, peers and teachers that you are worthy of their expectations and all. The battle is not over with O or A levels. It continues with the college and even when searching a good job.

When in college teacher expects you to do your assignment without much of help then you are again put to a test. In such a situation you either take help from a peer or turn to assignment writing service for guidance and help. But this is again a much talked about issue. Students are penalized badly for plagiarism or copying their assignments or write ups. What are they supposed to do when they are assigned something they are not good at and they cannot afford to lose marks as they are on student loan?

What we tend to overlook is that how much pressure we are building for our children, no wonder we have suicide rates increasing than ever, more depression patients have come on the surface than ever and God knows what else remains to come. With such practices we pressurize students to seek help from assignment writing service  like Best Assignment Writing Help, for their work since they have no other alternative left.

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If we want to make this place a better world, if we want our children to enjoy their lives and live every moment to its fullest then we have to make changes to the current scenario. We have to accept that we have to stop judging students smartness based on grades. Every child is special and he has his own capabilities that he/she needs to identify. What have you decided about your child’s fate?

Genelia Jones is a students and also a writer. She likes to write about educational related issues and she likes to high light the importance of education and its impact on students. The issues that are highlighted are mostly related to assignment writing service or plagiarism. Services like Best Assignment Writing Help are a big asset for students.

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