DIY: Crafts With Household Items

We all have clutter in our homes that we just can’t let go over. The pack of paperclips we bought our freshman year of undergraduate school, the old scraps of fabric, half used tubes of paint, and so on. We just keep telling ourselves who knows when we’ll need it.

Instead of throwing away all those things we once thought were important enough to buy, or getting rid of extras from projects, do it yourself projects can repurpose the old and make it into something new. From old wardrobe pieces to out of style end tables, there are solutions for nearly any leftover material.

Old T-shirts

Back in college, I got free t-shirts everywhere I went. Whether the student center was spreading awareness for a cause, homecoming was taking over the sidewalks, or we had a speaker, free t-shirts were thrown at the students that attended the events. Despite an overwhelming college pride, these t-shirts don’t really fit into an adult wardrobe.

The t-shirts don’t need to go to waste! A t-shirt can be repurposed in so many ways. One great way, especially when the t-shirt is something like a college, is to create a pillow case. The pillow gets placed in the t-shirt and the t-shirt gets tied around it. For those who are crafty with a sewing machine, you can simply use the fabric as you would any fabric for a pillowcase.

Another great use is a work out tank top. Working out in a t-shirt can get overheated fast. Turning a t-shirt into a tank top is relatively easy. Take scissors and cut the neck line and arms off. Once you’ve done that, take the cut material and turn it into a long piece. This long piece will be used to tie around the back to create a racerback. Once those steps are completed, cut off the bottom and you have a brand new workout tank!

Take-out Containers

For anyone else that orders in about three times a week, the take-out containers pile up fast. From Chinese food to deli food containers, almost every kitchen has space in their cabinets being taken over by plastic and paper containers, thinking they may one day need them to store a plethora of leftover food.

But these containers will just keep piling in, so why not repurpose the ones that have been lingering too long? These containers have a lot more use than taking up kitchen space. A great use is to use them to organize your other arts and crafts. Assuming you’re reading this as someone with a love of DIY projects, the materials are often mixed up and hard to sort. Food containers can provide easy access to organization while still being easy to look through and even label.

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Another great idea is using them as jewelry boxes. The outside can be painted or have other materials glued on, giving complete creative license to the owner. The boxes are about the same size as the jewelry boxes that cost a pile of money, but can be completely personalized with what you already own.

Old Fabric

DIY is one of the greatest ways to spruce up a home. Old pillows can be made anew, couches can be updated, and even kitchen chairs can get a face lift. When going from one project to the next, it can leave a lot of extra fabric. If you have four kitchen chairs, chances are you bought a bit more fabric than the exact measurements of those chairs to accommodating for cutting out what you need.

Don’t throw that fabric out! There are plenty of ways to reuse the fabric and get the most out of the money you spent on it. One great idea is a fabric banner. These banners can be used to decorate a living room, or you can even use the shabby chic look in a child’s bedroom.

This project is relatively easy, and a great starter for anyone just trying DIY out. The fabric gets tied to some sort of string – it can be ribbon, actual string, yarn, or even a long piece of fabric. Cut the fabric to the length you prefer, and then fold it in half. Once it’s folded, loop the long ends through the fold half with the string in the middle. Continue this process with the rest of the fabric until you have the length you want then viola! Your banner is complete. It’s hard to mess up, since the look is already shabby chic, and it reuses fabric that may have otherwise collected dust!

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