Don Gould and His Literary Motive

One of the new-fangled thriller writers of the modern times, Don Gould is a dynamic and enigmatic personality to his readers. His works heavily draw upon his first-hand experience of life in several Muslim countries where he had lived for vocational needs for a substantial amount of time.

Islam and Gould

Don Gould’s works reflect an unfathomable depth of vision, an abhorrence towards Islam, which is perhaps gathered from the times that he has spent in many remote corners of the globe in Muslim dominated places like Middle-east countries and south-east Asia.

For an Iraq tour, for example, Don was a service provider to the American Army, and in the course of it, he came to confront so many examples of Islamic fervor and extremism directly. Many of these exemplars get mentioned in his books.

Again, there was a time when he had to reside in Indonesia with his family and came face to face with so much of ensconced faith in a foreseeable Islamic domination worldwide.

Such happenings in his life were one and many and after years of encountering them in many different set-ups that he lived in subjugated by Islam and its laws, he could not help but take the issue up seriously and pen down his truthful thoughts in story themes and/or discuss them in shows.

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9/11 to Global Jihad

For finding Don Gould at his best reproachful spirit while unraveling one of the greatest cataclysmic global assaults, 9/11 to Global Jihad: The Grand Plan is a must-read. The book has won rave reviews from critics all across the world and is believed to be a thrilling story, very masterfully woven, depicting Islamic terrorism in an explosively chilling manner.

The motive

The motive behind Don’s explosive story themes seems to be ‘Waking up America’. Why? As the author himself says–

  • On returning to US after so many years of pursuing vocation abroad, mostly in Muslim locales, he found America to have altered radically in thoughts, spirit and fortitude.
  • He is against the socialist’s government’s stance of taking the country towards stupor and destruction.
  • He wishes to fix America’s descending spirit by identifying certain issues and then refurbishing them.
  • He wishes to let America know how radical Islam spells peril at every step and how every non-Islamic nation is at risk in consequence to this.

In short, the ‘political correctness’ that America has been riding upon for ages is viewed as faulty by Don Gould, and his writings and opinions are specifically targeted towards correcting it. 9/11 to Global Jihad is a masterpiece in that respect.

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