Framing Spacers Are A Great Investment

Framing Spacers Are A Good Investment

Much-loved framed artwork, whether the creation of a professional artist or something from the imagination of a small child, is worth protecting. Frametek framing spacers do just that, particularly of art that doesn’t have matting between the glass and the paper the artist used. Some may think that simply putting the glass itself over the artwork is all the protection needed but, to their dismay, they often find out differently.

What Are Frame Spacers?

Frame spacers grip the edges of the acrylic or glass that covers a picture, creating a permanent separation between the art and the glass. Because no adhesive is used, there is no worry about the separator harming the surface of the picture. Most picture framing spacers are simple to remove in order to clean them or reposition them, and are easy to install.

Pictures Can Mold

One of the reasons why frame spacers are so important in protecting your artwork is that paper can be degraded by mold and other factors. When the paper the art is created on is flush against the glazing, moisture can form (especially in humid climates) and the production of mold begins. Some art owners are devastated when they see the destruction caused by mold, and some art is lost forever because of this attack. Whether the art is a water color, pastel or a photograph, keeping the paper away from the glass is important.

Protecting Document Displays

Many people have a bragging wall, displaying their diplomas, any awards they’ve gotten and perhaps other meaningful documents. As expected, most of these documents are paper-based and subject to being eaten away at by mold, dust and other factors. These types of papers also tend to buckle and look a bit crumpled as they age. Again, here is where the installation of picture framing spacers aids in the protection of things that are important to you. If your document frames do not include matting or something that will separate the paper from the glass or acrylic, then frame spacers are your likely solution.

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Preventing Chipping

Even with all the care in the world, sometimes the glass used in frames chips, especially if the frames are metal. Even when this is unnoticeable, the chips can harm your artwork or display documents. Additionally, when the unprotected glass rubs against the wood or paint in the rabbet of wooden frames, this also can cause small chips to break off. Not only can those harm your pictures, it simply looks bad when there are small paint or wood chips pressed against the glass. Frame spacers, because they hold the glass away from the picture and other parts of the frame, protect both from chipping away.

For a relatively small investment, you can protect much of the framed art and paperwork that is important to you. Framing spacers come in a variety of sizes, including custom, so that you can find the one that is perfect for your artwork, and that allows the correct space between the paper and the frame.

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