Guide to Music Apps

The Apple advertising for its iPhone and iPad range famously stated There’s an app for that and it’s undeniably true. Whether you want to play games, read recipes or count calories, there is a little piece of software which can be downloaded onto your phone or tablet. Most people who own Apple technology will have an iTunes account and will be familiar with downloading and playing music on their tablet or smartphone, but there is so much more than can be done with a range of innovative music apps.

Radio Apps

Most of the major music stations which you listen to on a conventional radio will have an app that you can download, and most of them are free. Using these apps makes it easier to listen to the radio wherever you are, and most will also give additional information about the music being played or the bands. Some apps such as Last.FM or Spotify allow you to specify what sort of music you are into and then listen on demand. You can build up a favourites list based on what you listen to most and have all of your favourite tracks at the click of an icon.


There are also apps which will help you with learning a musical instrument. Many are no substitute for having a skilled musician share their electro classical guitar skills, but they are a good back up to conventional lessons. For parents who are unsure whether their child will stick at piano or guitar lessons, it’s easy to download the app and let them explore the instrument before going ahead with more formal teaching. There are also apps which teach the theory of music, how to read sheet music and how to start creating your own tunes and writing them down for others to play.

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Play On The Phone

There are also lots of apps which will turn your smartphone or tablet into whatever instrument you are thinking of playing. These tend to work better on a tablet as the screen is larger and you do not have to be so accurate with your touches. Percussion, guitar and drums all have simulation apps available through the app store and apps such as Pocketguitar will allow you to choose from several different styles such as bass, ukulele and electro classical guitar.


Most musicians are familiar with the metronome, the piece of kit which sits on the piano or table and regulates the speed at which you play, keeping you in time and stopping you from speeding up too much or slowing down as you get through the piece. An app called Metronome can be downloaded onto your phone and you can set it to whatever speed you choose with the press of a few buttons. Changing the tempo of a piece can change dramatically how it sounds, and Metronome both makes suggestions about the ideal speed for any give passage of music and lets you decide for yourself. Metronome regularly features in the top 100 music apps and is very cheap to buy.

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