How To Capture The True Essence Of Your Wedding Day In Portraits

Weddings bring out the most beautiful emotions in everyone from eloquent reflection to pure joy and every magical feeling in between. We’ve all seen portraits so completely full of life that they invite you back to that very moment in time. Photos that capture authentic emotion and tell a story are invaluable treasures to be cherished forever.

ears from now, when you and your loved ones flip through the pages of your wedding photos, you’ll want to relive all the wonderment of your special day. Not just the smiles and winks, but a real glimpse into the people and emotions behind them.

Let Your Personality Shine Through

The most captivating photos are created when you are relaxed and at ease with being photographed by a photographer who is familiar with your personality. To make sure your wedding photos capture this magic, simply follow these tips from Quarum Wedding Photography:

  • Meet with your wedding photographer before your special day, and allow him or her to peek inside your world and get to know you. Connecting with your photographer on a personal level will put you at ease in front of the camera and bring out the natural side of your personality.
  • Tell your photographer what’s important to you. Taking the time to share ideas with your photographer shows them that you’ve thought about what you want and that you care. It also helps your photographer capture the moments that will bring your ideas to life.
  • Be who you are and try not to stress over perfection. All your unique little characteristics are what mean the most in photos such as that adorable dimple on your cheek or the soulful glances between you and your fiance. These characteristics highlight your true nature, and that’s exactly what your wedding photographer will want to capture.
  • Not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera, which is probably why so much film is wasted on saying “cheese” before snapshots. Instead, ignore the camera and focus your attention on enjoying your wedding day. When you’ve connected with your photographer, you’ll be confident that he or she will catch all the important moments for you.
  • Shake off the stiffness literally. When you’re stiff, your photos will show it. To loosen up a bit, try shaking out your arms or rolling your head and shoulders around. Afterward, your body will ease into a natural stance that reflects your true comfort zone and highlights your best features.
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Believe it or not, your wedding photos aren’t about the photos at all. They’re about the connection to your heart reflecting your personality and telling your story. And, connecting with your photographer makes all the difference between standard wedding photos and your own personal love story to cherish throughout the years.

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