How To Write A Personal Statement Essay When You Don’t Want To

Writers’ block. These are the two words that freeze many writers in their tracks. They are hardly alone. Students of all grades and programs throughout the ages have had to deal with this ancient problem. In fact, anyone who was ever tasked to put pen to paper to produce a report-from the loftiest corporate tower to the busy halls of government-had to deal with writer’s bock. This problem is especially irritating for applicants to MBA school tasked with writing an MBA personal statement essay. The good news is that writer’s block can be fixed. It is primarily a mental block produced by stress and fear. If you want to get over writer’s block, you have to focus on the following tips. These tips are not only easy but they don’t take much time. You just have to give yourself a few minutes to apply them and keep doing them. The more you do them, the better you’ll get.

Stop and think and isolate key themes

If you are staring at your personal statement essay question with your word processing software ready, you might be doing it wrong. Unless you are the type of person that could look at essay instructions and start belting out an essay at a clip of 50 wpm, you may need to spend a little more time getting to know the topic and breaking it up in your mind. At this point, its easier to sip a little tea or warm milk while reading the question over and over again Break it up in your mind. Don’t let it stress you out. Stop and think about the key themes the question brings to mind. Keep turning the topics in your mind. Write them down and keep sifting through them. The focus at this stage is not to write but to think through the essay question. Once you have decided on a final list of maybe five themes, write them down.

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Break down each theme into subheadings

The best way to handle a big problem is to break it down into smaller parts. This makes tackling the problem easier. It is easier to think of solutions for smaller problems than coming up with all-encompassing answers to larger questions. Once you have broken down the themes, just mine your resume and past experiences for relevant information. At this point of the game, you are just throwing spaghetti at the wall. Don’t worry about ranking or picking out the strongest items just yet. Just keep mining your biography and write down the first things that come to mind. Once you run out of juice on a subheading, move on to the next one. Feel free to jump from subheading to subheading. Keep jumping until all subheadings are fully packed.

Put yourself in the shoes of the reader

Once your mba admissions essay subheadings are filled out, put yourself in the shoes of the reader and go through your supporting materials and quickly toss out support items that don’t convince you. Focus on your strongest items. Arrange them in order per subheading-begin with your strongest items. Finally, once you’ve whittled down your essay, devote a few hours into your introduction and conclusion. These items must glow in the dark. In other words, polish them hard. Your introduction must be dramatic and eye-catching. Your conclusion must warm the heart.

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