Ideas For Enjoyable Class Activities

There is so much to learn and so many ideas to take on board while you are going through your school education so it is essential that there are some lighter moments along the way. The burden of mentally-draining lessons, tests and exams can be eased to a certain extent by a number of different activities with a decidedly enjoyable edge.

Although there is surely no denying the fact that conventional classroom learning has an extremely important role still to play in the school curriculum it is likely to be particularly detrimental to students’ progress if there is no fun to be had in amongst their education. People have their own ideas on what makes a good teacher but a worthwhile example of this to consider is someone who can find the balance between passing on vital information and learning techniques and creating an enjoyable environment for those they teach. It is possible to introduce some fun to the timetable in numerous ways and here are a select few examples.

Have a change of scenery

Depending on your surroundings it is likely that there will be plenty of times when the weather limits your teaching to the classroom only. When the agreeable weather comes around nobody really wants to spend their time cooped up inside and the sun shining is the perfect opportunity to add some fun and invention to your class’s day at school. You can take art lessons outside and set out an area for the students to explore and draw what they find for example.

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Card-making for special occasions

There are plenty of occasions throughout the year that can be marked with a class activity and card-making is ideal. The lead-up to Christmas is the obvious example but Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are all examples of times when you can allow the class to create their own greetings cards and it is a good idea to give them a range of craft materials to choose from.


Endless amounts of thinking and writing can weigh heavily on anyone and certainly those who are young. One of the ways to provide some welcome respite is to give your class the freedom to come up with their own artwork. You may decide to set out a particular theme you want them to stick to or you could allow them free reign to paint anything they wish.

Classroom competitions

Reading from a textbook serves a purpose but it is important to mix things up a little bit in order to give your class a varied education. Encouraging focus mixed with healthy competitiveness by way of some competitions is a great way to do this. You can ask the class some questions based on the subject you have been teaching and award points to those who get the most correct answers.

A variety of sports

Physical education is essential for school students and providing activities for everyone is vital. A mix of sports, including football, rounders, cricket, netball and gymnastics will hopefully allow each person to find something they enjoy.

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