Italian Fashion House Fendi Saves Rome’s Trevi Fountain

The Italian fashion house Fendi has decided to present its country with more than designer shoes and bags by offering to finance the refurbishments of the iconic Trevi Fountain in Rome. After the Italian government admitted that the refurbishments would be too expensive to complete, and were thus unaffordable during this time of austerity, Fendi graciously stepped in to cover the costs. It’s a great move for the fashion house, intrinsically linking them to something momentous that symbolises the history of Rome itself, and highlights Fendi’s commitment to lasting glory and not just fleeting fashion.

The Trevi Fountain: A Brief Outline

The 250 year old fountain towers over Rome’s Palazzo Poli and features statues of Triton guiding the shell chariot of the god Oceanus, which tells the story of the taming of the waters. The Trevi Fountain is famous around the world and is a symbol of Rome much like the Coloseum and St Peters Basilica. It’s tradition for tourists to toss a coin over their shoulder into the basin of the fountain, which will ensure that one day they will return to the Eternal City. Incredibly, about one million euros worth of coins are collected from the basin over the course of a year. The money is donated to a charity that helps city residents in need.

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The Trevi Fountain Restoration

The restoration is expected to take 20 months to complete, however in order to avoid disappointed tourists, only one third of the monument will be covered by scaffolding at any time. The total cost of the Trevi restoration is estimated at $3 million dollars. Fortunately for Rome, Fendi’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld did not think twice to help save this historical piece of Rome. The restoration will deal with issues that have not been addressed for the past 25 years since the last restoration. Calcium deposits will be removed, the statues will be cleaned of all accumulated dirt and grime, steel supports will be checked and reinforced if necessary, new waterproofing for the basin will be installed and leaks will be fixed. The Trevi Fountain will no doubt look absolutely glorious after the restorations are complete, as new technologies will ensure that it gets the most through clean ever in its 250 years of existence.

For contributing so whole heatedly to the Trevi restoration, Fendi will be allowed to erect a small sign that will inform tourists of its restoration sponsorship. The sign will stay up for four years after completion, giving thanks to the Italian fashion house Fendi who made the restoration possible.

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