Read The Fine Print: Understand The Fees For Your Wedding Video

Just like everything in life it would be a wise to advise you to make sure to read all the fine print when it comes to your wedding video coverage, this of course is also the same for your other wedding suppliers such as your caterer etc. You might be too excited planning and organizing your wedding that you may miss out on fees and charges that you could have avoided (and saved more money) if you actually read them.

More requests means more fees

You should understand that the more requests that you have (more cameras, more videographers) then the more you will be charged and you would also need to pay more fees. These requests also are not limited to the number of wedding videographers, you will be surprised that having more equipment during your wedding can also mean for fees and charges for you.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

There are wedding videogpaphers who will ask you if they can bring an extra videographer or an assistant videographer during your wedding – don’t hesitate and don’t be afraid to ask if there will be additional costs for that. As the client you have every right to ask these questions since you are the one who will be charged and who will be paying after all.

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Ask questions about post process

Another question you should not forget to ask is about the details on the post process of the wedding video. There are some packages and choices in post process (additional AVPs, videos) that can also mean charging you extra. While some wedding videographers will be sure to offer additional services and videos and even in the post process make sure that you clarify first if there are any additional charges.

Reading the fine print and being aware of additional charges will definitely help you make better and wiser decisions when it comes to your wedding video. This also goes the same when you get your contract from your wedding videographers. Most wedding videographers have contracts that they ask you to sign, make sure that you read the fine print. Especially conditions that state what happens when there is a calamity or when the client cannot deliver etc. Not only can this practice help you with choosing a great wedding videopgrapher but this will also help you with your other wedding suppliers.

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