Teachers Can Work Their Way Across The World

Teachers from the United Kingdom can work anywhere in the world and are in high demand. It’s an opportunity to learn new cultures, teach multi-lingual students and gain experience from a new perspective. English is a global language and is used in finance and commerce worldwide. British schools operate in many countries, but there is demand for UK trained teachers in the International Education sector too.

Visas and Work Permits

If you’re intending to work in any EU country, then you will not have to have a work permit or a visa. Any citizen of the EU has freedom of movement within the EU. However, there are certain requirements once you enter another EU country such as registration with the police within the first three days. For countries outside of the EU then your recruitment agency will be able to assist you with your visa and work permit requirements. The educational establishment you’re planning to work with will also advise on work permit status and visa entry requirements. Usually, the work permit is granted by your employer and will be attached in your passport for custom’s requirements.

Health Insurance

In the EU, you simply register with the health authority and you will be given an EU card which covers you for health insurance. You are then free to go to any health provider who will accept the EU level of insurance. Outside of the EU, health insurance may be part of your remuneration package. Any teaching job abroad will likely have a package which will offer health benefits.

Boarding Schools

Like the UK, boarding schools are common, abroad and more often than not, these schools have a high demand for teachers from the UK. Usually within the private sector, these schools will have diplomat’s children from all over the world and there are opportunities to live on-site which will come as part of the package. These schools have smaller numbers of children and the schools are autonomous. If say, you choose to work for an American International School, the curriculum will be the American High School diploma, but will be governed by the host country’s employment law. International boarding schools operate in most countries and the level of teaching is high, but worthwhile.

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Finding Employment

Use a specialised recruitment agency for teaching abroad. There are also online sites whereby you can register your interest, but having an agency you can talk to face-to-face regarding a relocation overseas will be beneficial when those questions crop up about certain matters. Once you have chosen a job overseas, then you will find it all happens swiftly and you will soon find yourself in a new school, in a new country. A specialised agency will have everything readily available to aid you in your move.

What You Will Gain

Immense experience in your new role. Teaching jobs worldwide, offer far more than just teaching. You will meet international people, multi-lingual children and you will learn a new culture and have the opportunity to travel. The international schooling system has long holidays and within your new role, you will be able to explore new surroundings. Everything about your life will change and you will have the opportunity to teach some wonderful young people from all over the world. Teaching jobs abroad will only enhance and broaden your mind. Use a specialised employment agency to help the process along. You have absolutely nothing to lose and you will not regret it. Jobs are out there and demand is high.

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