The Art Of Video Recording

Amateur video recording is a hobby that many people decide to undertake, especially during the holiday season and during family gatherings. Hand held recorders, digital cameras and even the use of mobile phones all provide us with the technology to create our own video diaries of family birthdays, holidays, celebrations and amusing moments.

Video production, or videography as it is also known, is the process of creating video using moving images. In most cases the captured imagery is recorded onto a hard drive which can be then stored electronically on a disc or computer. More recently, online sites such as YouTube and Vimeo have enabled amateur video makers to upload their ‘film’ onto the internet giving others the chance to view it for free and at their leisure.

Video production ranges in scale from home made family videos using a hand held recorder to a small crew of videographers and sound person to the more professional set up of a multi- camera shoot in a television studio.

Traditionally videos are edited and perfected by video production companies. This can include the production of television programmes, specialised event videos, home videos, corporate videos and also wedding footage.

Adding in the style
The style of shooting can also vary and this can directly affect the feel of the shot. Equipment such as a tripod creates a one view, steady shot. Hand held recorders on the other hand can result in a more unsteady, jittery shot. There is also the option of varying the angle or aspect of the shot to make the subject look smaller or further away. For a more cinematic effect a track or Steadicam may be what is needed to create a smooth movement through rooms or scenes. The variance in style of shooting is visible in regular series on television, or more notably on the big screen. Movies such as Paranormal Activity have an amateur feel that adds to the horror whereas programmes such as Friends rely on a track to create a smooth unnoticeable camera shot.

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The Finishing Touch
Amateur recording can often be impromptu and unplanned where little or no thought is given to after production, how it will be viewed and the response it will receive. As technology continues to move forward giving opportunities to edit and also display videos, why not consider taking a little time to finesse the footage and produce a more effective and visually impressive piece of recording. For a little extra input the quality of the result can be improved dramatically and one day, if luck has it the video may be the first of a lustrous directing career!

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